Unpopular Opinions

I'm not going to tackle political opinions in this page directly, because I am pretty shit at arguing for myself. Instead, we're going to have some topics that are mildly political (depending on who you ask). And no, these opinions won't be the type you see on reddit; shit like "I think trans people are heckin' cute and valid", which you're not even allowed to disagree with.

Oli London

If you don't know who he is, you really should for no reason other than he and his hatebase are a glorious clusterfuck of shitfuckery. Oli is a British man who believes that he is actually a Korean man. Not only that, but he believes he is actually Jimin from BTS. This gets confusing because Oli also believes Jimin is his husband. Moreover, Oli has received countless surgeries totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars to look more Korean and to literally become Jimin. Most of the K-pop fandom hates him for this and thinks he's retarded. His common rebuttal is that transracialism is no different than transgenderism. He uses the pronouns he/him and kor/ean.

A few months ago, Oli announced that he was also transgender, and took on the name Rosé. And yes, he did also believe that he was indeed Rosé from the K-pop group Blackpink. Naturally, this was met with ridicule. But he detransitioned in October 2022 and is back to being Oli.

My opinion on him is that he is a galaxy-brained troll who may be a little mentally ill. Like, I genuinely love this guy. When he first came into the limelight, me and my K-pop loving friends ridiculed him, but now I just think he's hilarious and based. There's literally no way he isn't self-aware and I respect the hustle.

Kanye West (Ye)

I don't listen to Ye's music, so I don't have a favouritism bias towards him. As you all know, Ye has come under fire for some anti-Semitic comments he has made. I don't know why this particular event was the straw that broke the camel's back seeing as he said a few years ago that slavery was a choice, but okay. I personally don't think we should take his comments as seriously as we're taking now. It's pretty obvious by now that Ye is pretty severely mentally ill, what with his marriage failing and his mother dying. He needs help, and I don't know why he isn't getting any. Maybe he is, but it isn't working. But I really think we're throwing a huge fuss over nothing. I could also go on a tangent about how celebrity worship culture is unhealthy and we shouldn't put entertainers on high moral pedestals, but whatever.

Pineapple on pizza

I think this topping is one of God's greatest creations, and if you think otherwise, you were probably dropped on your head as a child.


A lot of people hate the texture and taste, but I like it. I don't mind having it on pizza, and in other dishes, it gives a nice balance to foods that are otherwise crunchy or soft. On a tangent, no, I cannot verify if I like brussel sprouts or not because I've never had them.