My top 10 albums (according to my

I’m bored, so I’m doing this. The list will exclude compilation albums and only count studio albums. I’ll be giving my thoughts on the album, talk about whether or not they deserve to be a top 10, and maybe give some interesting facts about the album if I have them.

Cinderella – Yukiko Okada

Yeah, I have nearly 600 plays on this album alone. It’s undoubtedly one of my favourite albums of all time. This album is Yukiko Okada’s debut album, and after listening to it for nearly two years, I love all the tracks on the album. My most-listened to track of all time is also from this album, called “First Date”. I have this album on vinyl, but I don’t spin it very often.

Jyuugatsu no Ningyou – Yukiko Okada

Yukiko Okada’s third album. Yep, 100% my second favourite album of hers. I like how mature her music sounds here. One of Yukiko Okada’s best and most unique tracks is on this album, called “Light Blue Princess”. It is a haunting and bellowing track that certainly takes you on a journey from start to finish. I also have this album on vinyl.

Fairy – Yukiko Okada

Okay, I promise this is the last Yukiko album on the list! I just love her so much. This is her second album, and I would definitely list this as her third best. Most of the songs, to be frank, are quite forgettable and don’t really leave a mark on me. Exceptions include the single “Futari Dake no Ceremony” and “Lady Joker”. This album is also a vinyl possession.

Dimensi Baru – Sheila Majid

I never thought that Sheila’s debut album, an album that most Indonesians and Malaysians don’t even listen to, would end up being one of my most listened-to albums of all time. Almost every single track on here is pure goodness. From the funky first track “Dimensi Baru” to mellow “Datanglah ke Dalam Mimpiku”, it’s a journey from start to finish. I highly recommend this album to literally everyone.

Paul Stanley – Paul Stanley

When I listened to this album for the first time, I distinctly remember the first track “Tonight You Belong to Me” blowing me away with its beautiful build-up and heart-wrenching vocals. This album is undoubtedly the best album to come out of the four KISS solo albums from 1977. Not every song is perfect – “Hold Me, Touch Me” is pretty terrible and “Goodbye” is forgettable – but the rest are absolute masterpieces. And yep – another vinyl possession!

After 5 Clash – Toshiki Kadomatsu

One of the best citypop albums of all time. Nearly every single song here is absolutely perfect. The first track “If You…” was one of the first Toshiki songs I heard ever, and it is an essential night-time boogie song. “Midnight Girl” comes next and is a hot contender for the best song on the entire album. There are a few duds here though – “Step into the Light” is a cringe-fest with Toshiki’s rapping and ad-libs, and “Heart Dancing (I Love You Song) is probably the worst song Toshiki has ever made. I still think this is one of his best, though, because the rest of the songs are absolute bangers. Undeniably an album deserving of a top 10 place.

The Used – The Used

Honestly… I used to love this band, but I’m not sure if this album deserves a top 10 place. I don’t hate the band nowadays! I just don’t really listen to their music anymore. But The Used’s debut album is 100% their best, in my opinion. “The Taste of Ink” is a certified hood classic, and “On My Own” tugs at the heart strings. If you wanna dabble in emo that isn’t MCR, definitely listen to The Used.

Verge of Love (Japanese Version) – Yoko Oginome

This album wasn’t immediately one of my favourites of all time. But upon first listen, I knew it was Yoko’s best. Yoko usually made music in the genre of “Eurobeat” – stuff that artists like Angie Gold, Sheena and early Kylie Minogue made. The genre was massive in Japan, and many 80’s J-Idols made covers of songs from the genre, as well as their own J-Euro songs. This album is the only album that diverged heavily from Yoko’s normal offerings, veering more into R&B and pop along the lines of Whitney Houston and Boy Meets Girl.

Verge of Love had both an English and Japanese release – the English version released first in 1988 and was only released in Hong Kong outside of Japan. I much prefer the Japanese version released a year later, however, because Yoko’s Engrish is very off-putting.

This review is much longer than I anticipated lmao, so if you ever listen to one album on this list, listen to this.

Volume 45 – Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble

Yeah… This is the weirdest entry on the list. An album by a North Korean band, it’s something that I would never expect I would listen to, let alone be one of my top 10 albums, but here we are. I don’t even know how a North Korean album made its way out of the country, but whatever. My two personal favourites from the album are the mellow and contemplative first track, “Are we living in times past?” and the bouncing, indignant track “The Mountains and Rivers”. I haven’t looked up the lyrics to most of these songs, but I can safely assume themes include warfare, praise to the country, and praise to the leaders Kim Sung-il and Kim Jong-il.

Tango in the Night – Fleetwood Mac

Probably the most mainstream entry on the list, alongside The Used. But this album genuinely is one of the best to come out of 80’s pop. Once upon a time I would have hesitated to say this, as I did not like the songs Stevie Nicks sung. But after I got this album on vinyl and listened through it again from beginning to end, I appreciated her lyricism. The other songs on the album are very lenient on instrumentation (which I 100% do not mind, btw), and Stevie Nicks’ thought-provoking lyrics complement the bland lyrics of the other songs. An undeniable all-time classic.