Le Corporate Hellscape

14 November 2021

There is a LOT of talk on Neocities about how social media has become so corporatized and is taking away the individuality of everyone. And I agree. Nowadays, the internet IS social media and no one bothers to venture out of the confinements of these convenient little apps you can use in your pocket device. It's really sad that the internet is so vast and we're not even looking at 1% of it.

So what do people do? They flock to Neocities. Which is great! You can learn HTML, CSS, and even Javascript to create your space on the internet that you can call your very own. There's just one complaint I have with the site.

The following function. Don't get me wrong, it most definitely is a great feature. Using a platform like Neocities allows you to find the sites you want and follow them so you can know about any updates in real time.

The problem is that Neocities displays each site's follower account. This will make sites compare their following to other sites and make them feel bad about the content they're generating. A common complaint I have with social media.

I have also seen many sites mass-follow other sites in order to get their follow count up. This is a very disingenuous way of gaining followers. It shows that the site cares about the follow count way too much, when that shouldn't be the case.

You shouldn't care about anyone seeing your content or not. Sure, it's nice to know that you're not screaming into nothingness, but it shouldn't be a priority. You should care about your site. You should care about cultivating a place on the net that you can call your very own. You should care about carving your own mark here. You should care about curating the content YOU want to see on the web - not copy what everyone else is doing. And you should also care about picking your words carefully so that your most important words don't all start with a "c". (Although I guess that adds to the emphasis on my point).

Don't let the corporate hellscape that is social media plague our efforts to reclaim the internet. Whether it be through NFTs, or our very own psychology.

You will come out on top. Not them.

P.S. On an unrelated note, the parasite that is social media activism (aka slacktivism) is permeating this cozy corner of the www and shitting everything up. Can you please listen to Antivist by BMTH and take your propaganda somewhere else? I don't want to see it. You're #toxicaf. Thanks.