New job

24 November 2022

Hello again. Things are a little better now compared to my previous post. I'm almost convinced now that I have bipolar disorder, because my depressive episodes only last for a few days before I go back to an average state. I don't experience hypomania or mania, though, so I'm not sure. Again, I'll have to see a psychologist to know anything.

As of late, I've been having dreams that involve O. It's more annoying than anything at this point. Some of them involve us hanging out like normal, us hugging and whatnot. Some dreams have us meet after not seeing each other a long time, and I'm pretty sure in one of those dreams I had a panic attack or something. I don't know. I just hope I feel better someday. I hope I get over this fully.

So I started a new job two days ago. It's in a retail chain that sells clothes, beauty products, toys, furniture, cookery, etc. I'm mostly stationed in the women's department of the store, and it's a fucking huge section. I know where all the different brands are located now, but memorizing and looking for where all the specific clothes are is a pain. Working the register, however, is a HUGE pain in the ass. The till's software is similar to the till at my previous job, but there are a few differences. Also, returns and exchanges occur a lot more often than in my previous store, and it's taking a while to get my head around the process. I also seem to have a habit of rushing things instead of taking my time, resulting in me making a lot of mistakes. Oh well.

My coworkers are nice. There's one who is also a Christmas casual like me, but she has already been working there for a few weeks and seems to have the hang of things. There are several older people who are cool too. There's one coworker from India who's kind of annoying, though. She seems a bit overbearing. She also mispronounces my real name all the time, and I can't be bothered to correct her.

I was meant to be working five days a week, but the manager of our department asked me to work Monday next week in addition to my Tuesday-Saturday roster. So I'll be working six days a week next week, which is something I am not looking forward to. At least on Monday, I'm only working six hours compares to the seven hours I usually work. The Christmas casual I mentioned is also working six days when her roster is only for five days. She's literally working 43 hours a week now. She has other commitments outside of work too, so it's even worse for her. Luckily, management is not allowed to schedule us to work more than 6 days in a row, so at least I get one day of rest.

All I really do in my job is greet customers, help them out occasionally, work the till, return clothes worn in the fitting room to the floor, and replenish stock. I think I'm supposed to work the phone too, but I have severe anxiety when it comes to that. I just let the older people work it.

For the next few days, though, it's the Black Friday sale. We've all been given different "zones" of the department to mainly work in so things don't devolve into chaos. I, as well as one or two other people, am in charge of the till and assisting with the areas beside it. Hopefully things don't get too busy, though because the store is open until 9pm tonight and tomorrow, I doubt it.

So yeah. I don't have much else to say. Twitter is imploding, and I'm enjoying watching the coping and seething. I kinda hope Musk just absolutely ruins the site and makes it unusable somehow. I find it kind of mind-boggling how so many leftists still haven't left the site, but they literally have nowhere else to go. They have no power anywhere else. They can only control the narrative on Twitter. Especially journalists. God, journalists love Twitter. I fucking hate journalists. All of them, left and right, but especially left. I hope they collectively die in a fire.

Anyway, that's it. Until next time.