Drama, work and kittens

16 November 2022

This past week or so has been a lot in terms of Neocities drama. I didn't even know a platform like this could have any sort of Twitter-esque drama, but of course, the microblogging feature here is an amazing enabler of mentally ill behaviour.

I'm pretty sure a lot of you saw what happened with Waffles/Evox. He got ran off the site by a bunch of kids (yes, KIDS) who started lynching him for his opinions on trans people. I haven't been able to contact him off-site - it seems that he has completely deleted his email and I'm too fucking noob to use IRC. He does still have his SoundCloud but he has deleted all of his podcast posts on there and I don't necessarily want to reveal my own personal SoundCloud account to him. So he might come back, he might not.

One of the aggressors was a site called chipsfunfun, and they are reportedly 12 years old. I half-think they're being a massive troll due to the massive amounts of online drama they've gotten into, and also because I refuse to believe a 12 year old would be that retarded. Recently I saw their profile posts talking about the popular site dokodemo, and how apparently they have gotten into drama as well. It lead me down a rabbit hole of shitfuckery that landed me in lolcow.farm on one of their threads. It documented a certain user called lullabye/strawbabie/tumor and how fucking insane they were. They seemed to start shit with anyone and everyone, always vaguing about certain people such as doko and just being, well, batshit insane. You can have a look at the thread here if you wish. The lullabye user has deleted their site after her retarded followers realized she wasn't a good person after all and she was a racefaker (she claimed she was Romani/Jewish when she was actually white as hell), and a bunch of other twitter-esque cancellation reasons. Dokodemo is also apparently a pro-shipper (someone who supports shipping fictional pairings that may not be moral, e.g. pedophilia and incest), and the now-defunct blog 5amgirlfriend was outed as a terf.

So yeah, I'm glad I never really brushed with that ugly side of neocities apart from when Waffle was attacked. I'm also surprised that I haven't been "cancelled" yet because I have a fuckton of controversial beliefs about a wide variety of things, but it is what it is. Maybe the majority of neocities just doesn't actually look through sites apart from glancing at how pretty the homepage is, idk.

In other, real life news, I have got a job at a local retail chain. I'm starting next week, and I'm hoping that I'll keep working until the end of February. My contract says I may be let go at the end of December since I'm only on board to cover the busy Christmas period.

I also volunteered for a cat rescue on Sunday! My job was to help adopt out kittens, and it was great! I was "trained up" in the adoption procedures (they're pretty simple procedures, honestly) and also got to play with the kittens a bit. They were all pretty nervous in the beginning, and I didn't get to pet them as much as I would have liked to, but they were all so cute. All three kittens available got adopted out, which was amazing! There was also an older cat about 10-12 months who was available for adoption, but as soon as she came into the room for adoptions, she shut down and refused to come out of her carrier. The owner of the cat rescue is worried she may not get adopted because she always behaves like this around new people. Oh well.

Since kitten season is coming up, more kittens will get adopted out, so come December/January, I'll be helping out every Sunday to get those cuties out. Again, I really wish I could foster because these kittens really do need them, but alas, parents exist.

Anyway, that's all. Until my cancellation.