Jobs and meetups

19 September 2022

I tried making a blog post a few days ago but there really wasn't much to say. So I'm making one now.

About a week ago, a uni friend mentioned he had a crush on a girl that he met-up through Discord. Apparently the server they met up in was specifically for making friends in my area. So I asked for an invite and joined.

I did end up meeting a few people from there last week for lunch. It was really nice getting to know new people and establishing some new connections. Hopefully one day, I'll be able to attend the more "major" ones, where members go out to a bar or something for the evening. It would be quite hard to explain to my parents, though.

I'm meeting up with a person from this server tomorrow, as well. I don't know how to explain him to you all. He says he's an undiagnosed autistic, and tbh I really do think he is. Not in a degrading sense, though. Just his social skills aren't really adequate. He's also pretty negative all the time too, which is literally something I'm trying to get away from. But lemme give you a concrete example.

So there were several photos posted of me in the server. These photos were taken after the aforementioned lunch meetup. That day was when I started talking to him (we'll call him Q) in depth. I thought he seemed like a nice guy, albeit socially awkward. We couldn't really find any common ground though. He was into Aphex Twin and all the Warp Records artists - I hadn't listened to the majority of them apart from Death Grips and Drexciya. He works as a dishwasher and took three different courses in three years, but couldn't find anything that interested him. I know he plays video games a lot, especially Crossout, but I don't think he plays any of the same games as me.

Anyway, I decided to ask him if we could meet up. He was really nervous. He apparently doesn't do well with group meetups (totally understandable) and preferred one-on-one connections. But he was still just nervous. He explained that he didn't really want his routine messed up, and so I suggested we plan what we do for the day. He seemed to appreciate that. Still took an hour to do though.

At some point during the conversation, I mentioned that I had photos of me in the server. I think it was to mention what I look like and who to look out for, I don't know. But he acknowledged it.

There was also a bit of... flirting? I don't know how to explain it. Relationships were brought up and he was like "inb4 fuckbuddies" (in relation to us) and I thought that was funny. I said we should wait until we know each other, though.

Anyway, the next day, almost out of nowhere (albeit still with a bit of relationship talk), he said that he doesn't find my looks attractive. It came across as really rude, even though his intentions weren't. Quote:

"Based on the two photos you're in, I don't think I find your looks attractive to date. I do also feel this is an unfair comment to make as you don't know what my face looks like. Genuinely not trying to be shallow or rude here."

I wasn't offended. I'm confident enough in my looks to not take these comments to heart. I gave him a very large benefit of the doubt seeing as he's pretty socially inept. But I did tell him that he could phrase that better, and that most other women won't appreciate him saying that. I also said something along the lines of "I don't mind if we remain friends, because I literally just got out of a relationship, but whatever happens happens." And to be fair, those two photos of me were taken at somewhat unflattering angles.

I'll wait until tomorrow to form a proper opinion on Q. But the uni friend who invited me to the server agrees he's not very pleasant. Oh well.

Here's the other thing I wanted to talk about. I'm applying for jobs over the summer, but I don't actually have any references. I texted the first manager from the store I was working in over Nov-Feb, and she didn't respond. She has shit phone reception where she lives, anyway. I couldn't find her personal email anywhere, either, and I have completely forgotten her full name. I emailed the second manager, and she has flat out ignored me. So I don't know who to ask apart from someone I volunteered under 2 years ago, and my own parents (which is obviously looked down upon, even though I'm "technically" working for them). I could also ask my music teacher, but tbh he's probably forgotten about me already.

I did apply for two jobs, nonetheless. One for a competing store to the previous store I was working at, and one for a ferry service. I really hope I get the ferry service job, because I think that will be super cool. I also get paid 7.50 more than my previous job, plus I work 6 10-hour days with a three-day weekend. So for those 6 days, I will literally get $1.5k pre-tax. Unbelievable! I'm hoping I get it so badly.

I don't know what else to say. My website is so fucking stale and boring. I'm thinking of putting an article up about something I'm passionate about. Hopefully Neocities doesn't kick me off for it.

Until next time.