I have Covid

30th August 2022

Well, it's official. I have Covid. I tested today and a second thin line appeared on the RAT almost immediately. So much for three jabs, huh. Really don't know why we're still peddling the vaccine when it's blatantly obvious that it doesn't work against the current strain.

Maybe it reduced my symptoms, though. It's not too bad. I only really have a slight fever and cough. Last night I did throw up and empty-retch a few times, though that's probably because dinner was slightly undercooked. I'm hoping that today's the peak. I really don't want my condition to get worse. I want my symptoms to be gone by next week, so that I can take some upcoming tests.

My dad has it pretty bad though. He's had a blocked nose since about Friday and today he developed a severe cough.

I'm not sure who got it first. My sister was the first to get sick, but she never tested positive. My dad was next, and he did test positive. My mum and I both developed symptoms at the same time, but she hasn't tested positive either. Covid is funny like that.

I'm hoping my grandparents don't die or whatever. I think they're sick but it would be difficult to help them do a RAT. I may have said this before, but my dad only really talks to them (his parents) whenever there's a medical emergency. I think he realizes how fucked up that is and therefore kind of worries that I may take the same path. I don't know. I don't want that to happen, but my relationship with him is tenuous now, so who knows.

Well, that's really all I wanted to talk about. Now this one definitely is a short one. See you next time.