Mad and sad

4th August 2022

The bf and I are in a weird spot right now.

On Monday I came over to his house to help him shoot a music video for his assignment. Earlier in the day he bought me some Starbucks. He asked me what I wanted, and I said Green Chai Latte. Now I had kind of "warned" him (? more like told him) that every single Starbucks drink I've had was below standard. Their hot drinks were either cold or just gross, and their frappuchinos really aren't for me. I asked him to get me one anyway so that Starbucks could have one last chance to redeem itself.

And so he did. Lo and behold, it was cold, although that can be chalked down to the fact that he took 20 mins to get back home to give it to me. The flavour also was pretty disgusting once I finished half of it. So I went into the kitchen, where O was, and I threw it away. It was a large cup btw, whatever Starbucks calls it.

O told me that I should have asked someone if they wanted the drink instead, because it was $8.50. I apologized, because it seemed like he was a bit disgruntled. But I didn't realize that he was MORE than disgruntled until the end of the day.

He decided to tweet about it, and change up what happened for twitter likes. Or at least, that's how I perceive it. In the tweet, he said he bought a round of drinks for everyone at Starbucks, and he saw someone take a few sips of their drink and throw it in the trash.

When I saw this, I was furious. First of all, why didn't he tell me he was this hurt by it? Second of all, why did he feel the need to post about it on twitter dot com for likes?

I told him to stop vagueposting about me on twitter, and that I actually didn't take a few sips. Then I apologized again. He said, and I quote: "it's cool, but it really felt like that when it happened, and i don't see the issue with a post when nobody knows who it is. i'm not being passive aggressive or anything, i thought it looked like an amusing read when it reads like i bought drinks for people at the starbucks."

BULLSHIT! The entire tweet's purpose WAS to be passive aggressive! And what the fuck is all this about an "amusing read"? Anyone who knows him will know he's too fucking poor to buy a round for people. Oh yeah, did I mention I paid him back too? I paid him back one dollar fifty more than I was supposed to. But apparently that's not enough. I don't know WHAT'S enough to make him feel better.

I wrote a letter to him this morning. I apologized again for throwing away the drink, and expressed how horrible I felt when he tweeted that. I also wrote that I recognize the tweet's purpose was to make me feel equally, if not more, bad as he did.

So I delivered the letter to him this morning. I also gave him a few things he wanted, and a few things we'd arranged to give him. I put all of it in his letterbox so he would see them when he came home from his workshop.

Guess what? He's ignored it and he's playing Call of Duty at the time of me writing this. At least, I assume he's ignored it and I'm hoping that someone didn't steal what I put in the letterbox. (There was something monetarily valuable in there as well, so I really really hope it wasn't stolen or anything.)

I fucking hope he replies later today or else I'm going to be real mad. This is such a petty thing to be mad over. Both for O and I. If this leads to our relationship ending it's going to be hilarious and sad.

But I've made my move. It's his turn now.

Sorry, I just had to vent and put all my thoughts somewhere coherently. I'll make sure to post an update in a few days.

Apart from that, I don't really have anything else to say. So goodbye.

UPDATE 3:46pm - he's only apparently NOW got what I put in the letterbox. details to follow.

4:23pm - he wants to break up. i wont continue this blog post further.