19 July 2022

Today I went to my university campus for the first time this trimester. The initial reason was because I had a tutorial that had compulsory attendance and was worth part of your grade. Granted, this and the next five tuts are worth 5% combined, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to boost my grade slightly.

The other reason is that I resolved to go back to the gym. I figured that because my depression has become so bad (yes it still hasn't gone away), the gym might help. I don't particularly want to go to therapy, seeing as I don't want to "start the whole process again".

So gym I did, and hahahhahahahahahhaha I lost so much progress. I'm no longer going to be writing them down on my fitness blog (in fact I think I removed the hyperlink to it on this site), but I'll still try to write it down in my "fitness journal" (now a catch-all notebook). But just to put something down in writing, this is the plan:

I've been reading through my old blog posts, and I realized I haven't updated you guys on the robber who "attacked" me while I was working earlier this year. Well, he did indeed plead guilty, and was about to be sentenced. But on the day of the trial, he escaped. Lmao! It didn't make me mad as much as it amused me. Apparently he has been rearrested and been put back in to jail though, so.

Oh yeah. So one of my courses is an Asian Studies course. The lecturer/course coordinator for that is a white woman. Well, that's who I thought it was. Until I watched a lecture recording. It was a dude. A trans woman. When I heard the voice (I didn't attend in person and there was no facecam in the recording) I thought it was just a dude who was different to the person I saw on the course page. But nope. He announced his name and outed himself pretty much instantly. So much for being a woman when we can clock you in a click.

Damn, some intense transphobic comments there, Mima. I mean I don't hate the guy for being trans, I'm just surprised that he doesn't pass well despite being at it for a long time. He's also very educated - he can speak a lot of Asian languages well. In fact, I think he's fluent in Mandarin.

O's birthday is this week, and I'm planning to take him out to get some hot chocolate. I'm also gonna give him a record of The Doors that I bought, and a letter. Ideally I want to print some photos with us in them, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to go to a photo printing site. I really want to have some physical photos with us together, and I know he'd like that too.

Damn, I thought I'd be writing a fuckton here, but I guess not. Oh well, hope you enjoyed that today. Until next time.