Hopelessly in love

2 July 2022

Yesterday I had my restricted license test. It got delayed by a few days due to circumstances I have no idea about. And I passed!!! I'm so insanely happy. I can finally drive by myself (although I still have limitations). Hopefully one day I can get my own car, which would give me even more freedom. It would cost a lot though, seeing as fuel prices are ridiculous at the moment. I'm hoping I can at least use my mum's car one day to drive to O's house and spin some vinyl with him.

Tonight I'm going to the ball with my friends and O. I feel bad for saying this, but I'm more excited to see O than my friends. I've been madly in love with O these past few days, and I just want to embrace him. I can't wait for him to see me in my outfit too. I also have dyed brown highlights in my hair, and while he's seen photos, I'm excited for him to see it IRL. God, I just want to kiss him.

I'm slowly getting my final grades for my courses from last tri. I've got three of them back, and I'm waiting on one. I'm happy - A-, B+ and B. I'm fairly sure my final one is about a C. I'm happy with how I've done.

Gah, I still need to plan my letter for O. I don't know how I can write all of my feelings into such a short letter. There's just too much I want to say to him that I struggle to say with my own voice. I'm so thankful that I've met someone like him, someone who is so similar to me, and someone whom I can relate to. I appreciate how supportive and accepting he is of me, and how he doesn't judge me for anything. I love him for getting me into video games, and not knocking me for being bad at them. I love how with such little effort, he's able to create amazing masterpieces of music. You can give him a few songs from a specific genre, say shoegaze or Mecha Anime Opening, and he'll create something that sounds exactly like that genre. I love his voice, I love his touch, I love him...

Oh well. Short blog today, since I don't really have much to say. Until next time.