Gaming and letters

23 June 2022

Well. Been a while, hasn't it? Two weeks and two days since I last touched this website at all. I still need to update my music media page with some new records I've got, and I have two more on the way. I've also run out of extra ideas for this site, admittedly, apart from using this corner as a journal. So let's update you guys on what's been going on since the last post.

I've finished my first trimester of university. I would say I did well on my exams. I can't say for sure, since I'm still waiting on my grades, but I'm really really happy with how I've coped. There were some stressful times throughout the trimester, for sure, but I'm here, I've done it all, and I'm ready for round two of (hopefully) six. God, if I fail a paper and have to retake it, I would cry. I wanna get my education done within three years, dammit! And then I wanna start making that sweet sweet money.

So now I'm gonna have a month to myself of doing nothing. I'm not gonna see O for a while until early next month - the last time I saw him was exactly a week ago. Not too bad, when I think about it, actually - I'm pretty sure I've gone 2-3 weeks without seeing him. But I still crave his touch a lot. It really sucks I can't hang out with him and spend time with him more. The combination of parents who don't approve of your relationship at all, and the fact we're both full-time university students hampers things a lot. But we have to work with what we have.

O has been getting me into video games though. I've always wanted to get into video games, but never owned a console growing up. I used to want a Nintendo DS and a Wii. I did end up purchasing a 2DSXL a few years ago, but ended up selling it because I didn't use it a lot. I didn't know how to pirate and install games onto it either - I had to pay for games, which was a hassle, and I rarely played the games that I did have too.

About a month ago, O lent me his 3DSXL. There were a LOT of games installed on there - I'm not sure if it's possible for me to play them all. But I've played a few games, such as Dead or Alive and Ace Attorney. I'm going to visit family for a few days next month, so I'm bringing the DS with me.

O has also given me access to his Steam library. He has about a thousand games that he's collected over the past 9 years, and he's shortlisted a bunch that he thinks I'd like. He's also bought me Sid Meier's Civilisation V, complete with all its DLC. And let's say, I'm kind of addicted to it. I'm even playing it with O via multiplayer, which I really enjoy (except he takes wayyyyy too long to complete his turn, all in the name of strategy. I'll be done with my turn, and he'll be done with his five minutes later.) I'm just really happy that O is giving me this opportunity to catch up on stuff I never had the chance to do. He's super kind, and I want to pay back his kindness.

His birthday is soon, and I wanna do something special for him. I can't really do things like take him out for dinner, or anything that requires me to take out a lot of time. I can only hang with him during the day time, anyway - evenings and weekends are kind of off-limits thanks to my parents.

I want to give him a lot of things, though (even though the state of his room leaves a lot to be desired). I hope hope hope I can find records of The Doors, his favourite artist of all time. There's a record shop a five minute drive away from me, and I'll be visiting a few when I visit family next month, so hopefully I find some. It would be a bonus if I could find other artists that he likes as well, such as Ratt and Dokken.

But what I really want to give him is a letter. It's only been three months since we've started dating, four by the time his birthday rolls around, but I want to give him something heartfelt. I don't write letters often - I've only written a few to my parents, and a "letter" to N (which was just a message on Discord but oh well). But I love writing them. It's a way to express your feelings honestly. I'm probably gonna have to rewatch Violet Evergarden soon, because it's been a long while since I've physically written a letter. But I want it to be a letter that he'll treasure for a long time. That he'll read over and over again.

I would like a letter too, but that's something you get when they want to give it to you. Not something you ask for.

Anyway. My test for my restricted license is in four days. I don't think I'll pass, to be quite honest with you. I'm taking a lot of shortcuts when driving, such as not checking my blindspot when I'm turning (despite knowing that there's no possible way a car would be there), and also speeding a little. I also don't have full control of my speed when I'm turning and stuff, which is fun. So yeah.

I'm mostly scared that my parents will get mad if I don't get my license, but oh well. You only live once.

That's all for today. Until next time.