Dancing and driving around

7th June 2022

I figured now is a better time than ever to give a proper life update. I've almost finished my first ever trimester of university. I have three exams over the course of the next two weeks, and then I basically have a month all to myself. I'm proud with how I've coped. Even though things have been difficult, I do like how uni basically matches my pace. I don't feel like things are going slow, and there's always something for me to do. I've enjoyed my time so far, and I hope (lmao) that this continues.

I'm going to a ball with my friends early next month. I wanted to ask O to come as well, but I thought it might be awkward introducing him to my friends. One of my friends seemed really excited when I brought it up though, so I decided to invite O along and he's coming. I'm not sure if he's looking forward to it, since it is an Indian-themed ball, and he does have to pay me back for a ticket. I'm just happy that I can spend time with him, and that he can see me looking absolutely stunning.

I haven't really been too depressed or anxious over the past week. There was that thing in the previous blog post that lingered for an extra day but it's all alright now. I'm seeing O this Friday, which I'm excited about. I hope that we can actually go out to buy some shakes, since O's favourite shop is always closed when we visit. I also just really wanna hold him. I feel really comforted in his embrace. I'm a very touchy person, I guess - I really like hugs, kisses, and just touching him however I can, whether it be by leaning on his shoulder or laying my head on his lap. I wonder if he minds. I hope he doesn't, and if he does I hope he speaks up sooner rather than later.

I am going for my restricted driver's license later this month. I hope I pass first time. Even though my parents are bad teachers, I really need to pass this so I can become a little more independent. No longer will it be anyone else's inconvenience if I want to get something done - I just grab the car keys, let my mum know what I'm gonna do, and drive off. Hopefully one day I get my own car too. That would be even better. O and I can even do our thing in the back seat ;)

Not really a whole lot on my mind at the moment. So that's all today. Until next time.