30th May 2022

It would be really nice to just disappear, don't you think? Vanish without leaving any trace. Course, in the age of the internet, that is practically impossible, and I'll be found out somehow. In fact, writing this very blogpost on my home's IP address would give the game away to detectives.

It's a better alternative to sewerslide, I think. Sewerslide you just get rid of your life and you're done. With a disappearance, you can actually get rid of your old life and start a new one, if you play your cards right. And if you're in the correct mindset.

Too bad it involves too much effort and planning. You need to perform a name change, you need to withdraw all of your money in a non-suspicious way, you need to plan where you're gonna disappear to, just so much to consider.

I read an article a few months ago, too, about someone who disappeared for a few days and came back. The details of what she did during her disappearance and why she disappeared weren't clear; the focus was on the aftermath of her return. She was basically treated like a cross between a criminal and a stranger. Her family and friends kept questioning why she disappeared. They don't trust her to go out by herself anymore, in case she decides to disappear again. Her husband ended up divorcing her. She became a social pariah.

So if you fail in your disappearance, life isn't really all back to strawberries and peaches. Like I said, too much to consider. Too many risks, too.

Hey, can you tell I'm not in a good mood today? I only write here when I need to complain, anyway. The past two weeks just haven't really been all that eventful. And if I was in a bad mood at all during that time, I didn't really feel the need to come complaining here.

Well, I'm not gonna disclose the reason I'm grumpy. I'm trying to figure out how to properly express it still. But I just hope that I can express it to O by the end of today.

Nothing that special today folks. Until next time.

EDIT: I told him the reason, and after a bit of back and forth, he's not responding anymore. God. At least fucking acknowledge you read my goddamn message.