life again

30th March 2022

Been a while since I made any major updates to this site, let alone have a blog post. I'm not entirely sure what new stuff to put on here. I have always been thinking about using this site as a place to help me study - writing down all my lecture notes for each course in a way that is understandable to my audience. My mid-term break is coming in two weeks and I plan to use it to mostly revise and get a study routine down. Time to use the Feynman Technique (trademark).

Well then. Life updates for this post, I guess. O is still amazing as usual. We've kinda decided that Mondays will be our time for each other, just to devote all the free time we have to hanging out. Thursdays is kind of our hangout day as well, but we only have two hours to each other and the rest we're both studying. I still love being in his presence, though, no matter what we're doing.

Uni is going alright at the moment. I managed to hand in three assignments and labs yesterday, so that's all my deadlines for the week sorted. I'm hoping that I can finish next week's deadlines early so I can get a head start in revising. But man, the workload is a lot. Not to the point where I'm struggling to hand in work, but the fact that I have at least three things due every week is a bit daunting to think about. At least I constantly have something to do, though, and something to work towards.

My fitness plans have gone to SHIT. I'm making the conscious decision to stay at home almost every day except to hang out with O, and I feel SUPER, SUPER BAD. I'm actually in the middle of deciding whether I want to continue doing weights, or to switch to cardio. Because I've been walking a lot more than usual thanks to O, and god does my cardio need working on. I'm thinking about taking up the NHS' Couch to 5k routine, which takes you from being a couch potato to marathon runner in a few months. That way, not only can I use the gym, but I can also use my treadmill at home (providing my family doesn't humiliate me for doing so). Because I'm hanging with O on Mondays and Thursdays, I'll have to adjust my training days to suit. Perhaps every Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday.

I don't really remember if I'd mentioned this before, but I'm taking driving lessons. Pro-tip for people my age or younger who want to drive - do not let your parents teach you. The main thing is that they have bad driving habits that will make you fail your test if not corrected. Get at least a few paid lessons to help you get rid of those bad habits. Also, if your parents are anything like mine, well. It would be nice to have someone who is nice and calm while teaching you instead of yelling at you about every single mistake you did, thereby making you angry and having the impulse to crash your car into the tree beside the road.

Anyway, the lessons are going really well. I feel soooo much more confident driving now compared to when I was only being taught by my parents. I feel ready to get my restricted license soon (the stage before your full license). God, the freedom I will have once I get it is soooo tempting. Public transport is great and all, but to not have to depend on factors outside of your control for anything is great.

Anyway, I guess that's all. Until next time, loves.