22 March 2022

Wow. Yesterday was amazing. Just writing this down makes me realize the enormity of the events that transpired. I feel truly happy and blessed. To put it simply - I have a boyfriend, and his name is O.

Snuggle in for the long read, because I'm going to recount everything, mostly for my memories.

I was nervous and super excited for the entire morning before I met O again. During my cybersecurity lecture, I was literally counting down the minutes until I could fly out of the theatre and see O. And that's exactly what I did when 10:50am hit. Unfortunately, by the time I arrived at our arranged meeting spot, O had only just left his house, so I had to wait for 15 minutes to see him. We did message each other though, and he was confused as to why I was so nervous, as we had already met before. I explained that this was different. Last week, we were on a handshake basis. Now though...

At last, I finally saw O walking into my line of sight. We enveloped each other into a hug. I guess I hugged him quite tight because he stumbled into the fence that was beside us.

We then set off to one of the record stores in town. We had arranged to go there and eat takoyaki in the store beside it. On the way there, he said that I looked beautiful. I thanked him, and placed my hand on his shoulder, slighly awkwardly.

Other things that happened on the way there:

We reached the store, and started having a browse through the music. This particular store mainly stocked music from the 90s and before. I was hoping I'd buy something for myself, but I knew that was unlikely. Most of the music I listen to aren't in the English language, or just weren't in the store. The only interesting thing I found was the soundtrack to "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence", a movie starring David Bowie and composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto. I didn't end up buying anything for myself here.

After browsing to see if anything caught my eye, I walked over to O who was browsing through the CDs. I asked, "Found anything?" He said no. I placed my head on his shoulder, which I think took him by surprise. "Hello," he said. I couldn't wait for the rest of the day.

O wanted to come here as he wanted to get a poster for his room. The posters here were mainly music themed, so he wanted to see if he could get something like The Doors on his wall. Instead, we found this poster, which is absolutely perfect, since it's our joke that he's stupid.

We didn't buy it however - he said he wanted to wait until he got back home to buy it. So we went into the store beside the record store to have some takoyaki.

If you don't know what takoyaki is, it's a sort of ball with a piece of octopus inside it surrounded by a lot of different sauces. Look it up, and definitely try it some time. I was looking on the menu, trying to see where it said "takoyaki". I even asked O, "Where does it say takoyaki?" before I saw it. And I was embarrassed. O says that he's pretty much blind in his left eye (despite wearing glasses), but I said "I think I'm the blind one here."

We ordered the takoyaki. He paid for mine. I thought about speaking up and saying I can pay my share but I already did that last week when we went to a cafe and I didn't want to come across as rude. We sat down and chatted for a bit before our order arrived. Six round takoyaki were placed in a cardboard bowl drizzled with sauces and sprinkled with fish flakes. It looked heavenly.

I don't know why. Maybe it was because it reminded me of the type of ginger you get with sushi. But for whatever reason, I looked at the cardboard bowl, and asked, "Can I eat this?"

I realized my mistake as soon as I said it, and I laughed really hard to cover up my blunder. O looked at me surprise and amusement and asked "What did you just say?"

I repeated what I said, laughing hysterically. O said, "Well I guess you can, but I don't know why you'd want to!"

Oh god. I'm laughing just thinking of it. He said "I think you need that Stupid People poster more than I do."

I agreed, and said that I'd pay fully for the poster for him.

We had our takoyaki, and went back to the record store to buy the poster. 20 bucks gone, but I guess that makes up for my takoyaki.

We headed out and I asked him, "Where to now?"


What? Home? Apparently O lived about 15 minutes from the city centre, so it wasn't that far a walk. But I was quite surprised that I'd be visiting his home this early. I'm not used to imprompty house visits.

But off we went. Along the way he pointed out some interesting places we could probably go some time. I just fucking loved spending time with my love.

His house was... quite small. Maybe about a third of the size of my house. I mean, you can't get that much for cheap in the city, so I shouldn't be surprised. Plus, with only O and his parents living there, it seemed like it was all they needed. Until you entered O's room.

I greeted his mum and went inside his bedroom. Again, small. To the left was a single bed beside a window with three panes, and a windowsill with tons of stuff strewn across it. To the left corner was a dresser with an assortment of stuff on it. Directly in front of me, I was greeted with a whole bunch of audio gear and gaming consoles all strewn across the floor and a brown desk that reached to the right wall. Also on the desk was a computer alongside a CRT monitor and a widescreen monitor. The right side of me had a bunch of keyboards and synths, and the right corner nearest to me had a cupboard.

I took in the surroundings as he took off his leather jacket and bag. He put on some music and sat on his chair. I sat on his bed.

Okay, whatever. We don't care about this part, do we now? Let's get to the lead-up to the juicy part.

So I was lying beside him in bed, and he was showing me his watch with Russian writing on it. My head was realllll close to his face. I was genuinely trying to read his watch, since I am able to read Cyrillic. But my understanding of Russian is extremely rudimentary.

And then I made the decision to rest my head on his shoulder. I was in an awkward position, so it felt weird, but it was still quite bold. He pat my head a bit, and then I pulled away and looked at him. He looked back, smiled softly, and stretched out his hand to signal for me to come close to him. I shuffled myself closer to rest my head on his chest and drape my arm around his stomach. His right arm wrapped around my back and his left arm held my arm close to him.

After a bit, he planted a light kiss on my forehead. I soon figured that was just how he usually kisses, but I don't mind that much. I kissed his cheek, and then he kissed mine. He turned his head more towards me, and I knew it was time. We kissed each other's lips.

Kissing someone's lips feels quite different. I never expected it to feel like that. I would have expected it to feel more... full I guess. But I enjoyed the feeling. I could live in it for a long time.

And for a long time I did. 10 minutes, I think. O's stubble felt so nice and his arms felt safe. I want to be in his arms forever.

I think I'll leave the rest of the day unsaid, because that's all the important stuff. I loved yesterday, and O is now my boyfriend. I'm not yet there, but one day I hope to say that I love him.

That's all.