In Love

19 March 2022

Welp. I'm in love. Again. And this time there's a huuuge chance of it working out. O and I have been flirting like crazy and we've arranged to meet up again this Monday. I think he was the one who made the first move - two days ago he made a really terrible pickup line and I was like "wow, you're terrible at shooting your shot, huh". And then we talked about whether it would be appropriate for us to even pursue a relationship, because of the age gap and the fact that we've only just met. So we were like "We'll just see where this goes", and left it for the night.

We'd already known that we were very similar in terms of music tastes and other odd bits and pieces that we found out about each other, such as how we were both "gifted kids" (hahahaha.....). Yesterday, it seemed like we found out about a million other things. We also flirted like crazy, and talked more about love and stuff. He asked me out to an event that was supposed to be happening tonight, but since it was at a pub (and my parents would never let me go), I had to refuse. But then we arranged for Monday.

I'm so exhilarated. My first (possible) boyfriend. I can't think of a better person in my life than O. Sure, it's early days, but I really, really hope it works out. He'd be my first kiss. My first fuck. I didn't pin him down as someone sexual, but turns out he is somewhat kinky. I just know hugging him will be nice (yet another thing we have in common - we're great huggers). And I just fucking can't, can't wait for Monday. I'm gonna wear a leather jacket just like him, we might go over to the local record store and have a nosey, we'll go and have takoyaki, and I'm gonna flirt with him to hell and back. And I want a kiss from him, I really do. I know he wants one too. Fuck. I need to see him.

I could literally just go on and on. I was like "eh, I don't mind if we just stay friends" to wanting him to be with me, right this instant. I'm just a fucking hopeless romantic, aren't I.

Anyway, that's all I really wanted to sperg about today. I'll update you after Monday how it goes.