Day out with O

15 March 2022

After yesterday, my current mental health has improved a lot. I'm glad that I finally got to do something to improve my state of mind.

I hung out with O yesterday, and I quite enjoyed it. It was a bit awkward at first, because we had met each other for the first time after all, despite talking online for a while. We got some chicken on rice from a local sushi shop, then went out to the waterfront to eat and chat. It was really nice hanging out with him. I honestly pinned him down as someone who was a lot more introverted and quiet, but he's actually quite talkative, which I didn't really mind.

We both like the same types of music, such as city pop and 80s music. O is also a musician, so he showed me some of his songs (that he had already sent me through discord, lol) and sang a bit for me. We vibed a bit to music too. He surprised me by playing some Yukiko Okada, which I loved. I took the opportunity to tell him about the records of hers that I owned.

I think we stayed at the waterfront for 2 hours before he took me to get some chai latte. We vibed in the cafe for a while before I had to go back to uni for my lecture. I really enjoyed my time with him, and I hope we can do it again. He has a lot of retro games on his PlayStations (not sure if they're actual consoles or emulators), so maybe I could play with him, even though I am fucking terrible at video games.

I found out he was 22 as well. I honestly thought he would be 19 or 20. I don't know why I'm so taken aback by that, lol. He's four years older than me. Surprisingly, he's also born in the same month as me.

But yeah, I'm very happy that I got to hang out with him, and I hope we can do it again. My mum thinks I'm dating O, but to be honest, I don't really see him as a partner. He's just an eccentric friend who's nice to have around if you ever want someone to just talk about dumb stuff all the time.

To other stuff. I'm listening to Yukiko Okada's third album, Jyuugatsu no Ningyou, from start to finish for the first time in a while. It really is so good. Of course, there are a few songs from there I don't like, but it's my second favourite album. I really need to get this album on vinyl. I want the artwork and I want to watch it spin.

I'm going to be staying home for the rest of the week instead of going on campus. My dad really hates me going into uni when I don't need to because of the rise in Covid cases. I don't care. If I get Covid, I won't get it again.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. Have a good one.