Dream setup

27 October 2021

I've been thinking a lot lately about what my ideal music setup would be like once I get my own house. I've been mostly thinking about the types of music I would buy, and how I would display them.

Obviously I am going to get a turntable - need to play my Yukiko Okada records somehow. It's actually shameful that I haven't bought a turntable yet. I'm planning to ask my parents for one for Christmas. Honestly, there's so much information out there on what's the most appropriate turntable to buy that I'm overwhelmed. Obviously I'm not buying a $100-200 one, because that's gonna last shit all. But at the same time, I don't want to buy the most advanced Audio Technica for fucking $900. (Yes, they cost that much here for some fucking reason. Import taxes? I don't know.) My previous turntable was ass so I threw it away. I could not bear to damage my Yukiko records with that shitty ass record player.

I'm going to buy a CD player too. I will definitely be buying CDs of Western releases that I like - vinyl just doesn't seem worth it. I probably won't need to pay much for this, seeing as my parents have two-three lying around the house still. If they don't sell it by the time I move out, I'll definitely be stealing those.

And finally, a cassette player. I'm super partial to cassettes. If I could, I would buy cassettes of all of my favourite records - even Western releases. If only they were more readily available though. Sigh. As for the cassette player, well, my parents have sold one of them, and the other one is just wayyyy too chonky. It might be what I have to deal with though if I can't afford to buy one.

I'll display all of these players on a vertical shelf - the turntable on top, the CD player in the middle, and the cassette player on the bottom. On either side of this vertical shelf I will have shelves with all my music media. I'll have one shelf dedicated to displaying some artsy covers, and the rest for storage. I'll have a shelf for Japanese music, one for misc. international music, one for metal/rock music, and one for others. I'll place this display in my living room and it will be my pride and joy.

Thank you for listening to my autistic rant.