First days of uni

03 March 2022

I'm sitting here in my university's library, killing some time, because my next class isn't until 3 and a half hours from now, and I don't have much to study or revise. So I figured I'd write up a blog post, since I have taken the next step in this game we call life.

I had my first day of university on Monday. It was actually somewhat boring. The lectures were mostly introductory and included information I could already find on the university website. Only one of my three lectures started teaching us some stuff. I also got to know a girl who's taking three of the same courses as me. Actually, quite a lot of people are taking the same three courses as me. Computer Science specializing in Cybersecurity crosses over with Engineering quite a bit.

I also went to the gym that first day, which I detailed in my fitness blog.

Tuesday had no classes, so I stayed home. I did, however, have to do some stuff for a different course.

Wednesday (yesterday) was actually a really good day. I hung out with some of my high school friends and we looked at the clubs that were on offer. I signed up to the fitness and lifting club. I initially wanted to sign up to a martial arts one, but they might clash with the fitness club, so we'll see about that.

I also met someone in a course whom I haven't seen for five years. It was so cool. He has changed so much in that time. He literally used to be shorter than me, and looked like he was fucking 5. Now he's taller than me, and dare I say, quite good looking. I would love to get to know him better, and be his friend.

I met lots of other people yesterday too. And I went to the gym again. But yeah, overall yesterday was super great.

Today I had a cybersecurity course. Now I have to wait ages until my next lecture. How fun. Maybe I should find that dude, if he isn't in another class. I'd love to chill with him.

On a tangent, my mum knows that there are more dudes in my classes than women. Obviously - computer science is a male dominated industry. She told me that she doesn't want me to be in a relationship until my third year, and to not have sex with any guys. I don't really know how to feel about that. I feel like me having sex with a dude is almost inevitable. Maybe not this year, but who knows. I have a feeling that I will be in a relationship during my time at university, and obviously we would want to do SOMETHING. Before that happens, I do want to get some birth control. Not just for relationships - I also have a fear that I will be taken advantage of. But that's TMI, and a story for another day.

Anyway, university is going much better than I expected. I'm happy about that. Obviously the workload is going to ramp up in the coming weeks, but for now, I really am enjoying myself. I'm going to eat now and plan out what I'm going to do for the rest of my time. Because I've already done a shit ton of studying, lol.