20 February 2022

Finished work yesterday. It was pretty terrible. I expect nothing less, though, for my last day with a company off their rockers. My dad was mad at me that I didn't ask my manager for a reference. Should have told me that a month ago when my first manager left the store. She was nice. I really enjoyed her. Everytime I did something wrong, she explained things in a calm manner rather than yelling and being very passive aggressive. What a nice person.

Tomorrow I am going to my university campus to tour and do some stuff. I initially was going with one friend, but now two others are coming too. On one hand, great! At least my parents won't be worried about us confronting the protesters that are near Parliament. They've pretty much surrounded the city train station. On the other hand, my friend has a lot of things to do (and expects me to tag along with her), and I imagine the other two friends have their own things to do, plus I have my own things to do too. So I'm not sure how that's gonna work out.

I am also trying to work out my budget for the year. It's a bit harder than I expected. I don't have much weekly income anymore, now that I've left my job. I did get a scholarship, and that's being paid into my bank account monthly, with the first payment being in a month's time. I am still in the process of applying for a Student Allowance, a weekly income provided by the government that I don't have to pay back. I just need my parents to do their part of the form (taking a lot longer than expected because they keep ignoring it) and we need to get some documents signed by some official. Once we get all that done, I'll be able to see how much money I get. So I need to wait for that.

I'm also going to get irregular income from my parents because I'll be doing some accounting stuff related to their company. So there's that, and we haven't worked out the logistics of that too. So things are kinda muddy at the moment. I don't know whether I should wait until I have a more concrete plan of where I'm at financially, or if I should do my budget now and fill in things as they pop up. Man, too many things to think about, lol.

I have a headache now. I don't know why. Probably because of the nervousness about the future. Uni is a big change from high school, and honestly I am still not sure what to expect. I need to experience it in the flesh rather than repeatedly reading about it.

I guess that's all I really want to talk about today. Bye.