I've taken it

16 February 2022

Came home from my booster shot two hours ago. No side effects so far. I took 500mg of paracetomol and 2 glasses of water afterwards. It was quick - literally one minute from entry to jab, then 15 minutes of supervision. Not too happy about taking this, but whatever.

Daily cases have surpassed over 1000 for the first time here in NZ. Of course, that's got everyone's pants in a twist. I just hope I don't get it in the week after my booster, because I'm quite nervous about what the effects of that will be. It's honestly appalling that the government doesn't track side effects from the vaccine. You'd think it would help to reassure the vaccine hesitant that it's completely safe to use. But now you just have anecdotal evidence that suggest that people have died as a side effect of the vaccine, and nothing concrete. I don't think there will ever be a large-scale investigation of the failures of the world and Big Pharma in keeping humanity safe.

My dad hasn't come home yet, but man, are my parents panicked. Despite subtle reassurances from me that Omicron is quite mild in comparison to Delta, they are still really scared of catching the virus. The only concern I see is my grandparents getting it, and even then, they were vaxxed + boosted long before I was. My grandparents have tons of underlying health conditions, such as asthma and diabetes, so who knows what will happen if they get it.

But then you look at hospital stats and things are actually okay at the moment. 57 people in hospital, with none in intensive care and high dependency units. Everyone thought our health system would collapse, but that's not happening. Sure, maybe if the cases reach the tens of thousands (which I'm pretty sure it will), our health system is more than capable of handling everything. I think. NZ's health system is unpredictable sometimes.

I predict that cases will reach its peak at the beginning of March, before a sudden drop towards the end of the month. Cases will reach double digits sometime in April. We won't fully get rid of rona, but a substantial amount of us will have acquired natural immunity. That is, assuming it would work coupled with the boosters.

I remember Pfizer saying it was able to make a vaccine effective against Omicron within 100 days. Well, why hasn't that happened yet? It's been well over that time limit since Omicron first emerged. I don't even know, man. Why do we keep taking this shoddy vaccine that was only effective against the original strain? Fuck me.

Today, when I adventured out into the living room, I saw that my parents had bought a PORTABLE TOILET. Apparently, if any of us catch Omicron, the plan is that they would self-isolate in the living room, not coming out at all. You even have to shit there. What??? What's wrong with the rest of the house? The minute one of us gets it, it's practically guaranteed that the rest of us will get it. Just live life as normal inside your home instead of pretending it's the fucking end of the world. Fuck me. Someone needs to knock some sense into their thick skulls.

Anyway, that's enough ranting about the current Covid situation. To another news. I only have another three shifts of work before I finally leave this hellhole of a place. Good. My new manager makes me want to rip my hair out and just control the store on my own terms. Gahhh.

Next week, me and a friend are going to our university for a campus tour. I fucking need it - my lectures this semester are all in different buildings and I want to know how long it would take to get to each one. I also want to go to the recreation center - apparently there's a special deal on memberships for Orientation week. I hope it applies to the yearly membership. If not, I'll just purchase the yearly membership anyway. My friend also wants a tour of the library. We'll also have lunch together.

I have a few Zoom meetings to attend as well regarding uni prep. I also intend to set aside time to review videos on how to study. I discovered these way too late last year, so I'm hoping they'll help with this year.

So yes, that's all my rambling for today. Had to get it out. Have a good one.