I'm taking it

14 February 2022

I'm taking the booster. Only because my parents won't shut up about me getting it. I wanted to get it today but there were no appointments available, so I'm getting it in two days time - a day before work. Fuck. If I get any side effects, I'm gonna have to take a day out work which is gonna inconvenience everyone.

I feel defeated. This isn't going to work. I'm still going to get Omicron. The daily cases are almost reaching the thousands here in NZ. Two jabs never worked. What makes us think a third jab of the exact same dumb ass vaccine will work?

I told my dad I was hesitant about getting the booster. I didn't even lay out my case - I am barely able to articulate my points. I don't even remember what he said afterwards. He wasn't mad, but he was like "well since everyone is getting it, you should too" and "since your university has a vaccine mandate, pretty soon a booster will be part of the requirements" (which is true). But there wasn't really anything about the effectiveness of the booster - just societal reasons.

So yeah. I'm getting it so I can be more involved in society (even though in a few months, vaccine mandates will probably be lifted and the unvaxxed will carry on as normal). Who knows what effect these vaccines will have on me. If in two years, we see a large scale die-off of people because something unforseen was in these vaccines, then well, it was a good ride while it lasted. We wasted it all worrying about house prices and work and studies and catching a deadly virus when we were all killed off by Pfizer and Moderna and AstraZeneca and whatever.

I'm feeling very doomer about the world right now. I've also been having some severe mood swings. (No I'm not on my period). I guess all I can really do is live every day like it's my last. Maybe I should REALLY start doing that. Making the most of every day. I spend it way too much on screens and the like. I need to start doing something useful.

I've been thinking about getting back into the swing of making music. Mostly covers, though - I can't be fucked to use my brain power to make new shit. Maybe Yukiko Okada's "Mizu Iro Princess". I find that song very musically interesting because of how different it sounds to other idol music. Yeah. I'll do that tomorrow.

That's it. Hope you enjoyed my hopeless look on society. I'm not depressed, I promised. Just tired.