Branch Covidians

6 February 2022

I don't want to get my third Pfizer vaccine. I took my first two jabs happily with no side effects whatsoever. But now things have changed. I'm questioning the efficacy of a third vaccine on an 18-year-old like me, who is already in a low-risk group for getting severe symptoms from Covid. Is getting a third shot really going to make a lot of difference, especially against Omicron, where the symptoms are so mild they're akin to the common cold?

I used to be what they call a "branch Covidian". I live in New Zealand, and our lockdown practices were considered the best in the world at the start of the pandemic. We kept Covid rates low thanks to strict lockdown measures, and the majority of New Zealand were happily to follow along. We see the numbers increasing in other countries, and thank lord Jacinda Ardern that we haven't become like them.

I had this mentality for two years. TWO FUCKING YEARS! I submitted to everything the government was telling me thanks to le science, and obeyed their rules. When the vaccine became available, I was more than happy to take it. When certain workplaces mandated vaccines, I praised them, thinking that this is the way to go for our country. When people kept complaining on the news that they weren't able to get spots in managed isolation facilities, I scoffed at them, saying they had plenty of time to come back to New Zealand and now all of a sudden when the borders shut, they're desperate. I watched the 1pm press conference update every time there was a surge of cases, making sure to stay up to date on what was going on.

But now things have changed. I've been exposed to different perspectives. I used to surround myself with other branch Covidians, like my family. But since then I've met a workmate who doubts the efficacy of everything (albeit in a little bit of a loopy manner), seen sites on neocities that are more open minded when it comes to mandated vaccinations, and read forums that hate how the government is controlling everything. And I begin to realize that they all have a point. Covid may have been serious in the beginning, but now there really is no point to anything anymore.

Masks won't help to stop Covid, unless you may have an N95. Everyone wears cloth and surgical masks, though, anyway. Vaccines, contrary to belief, don't stop Covid as well - it seems like everyone's under the impression that it's a cure. It just lessens your symptoms. And with Omicron, what's the worst that will happen if you catch Covid now? A runny nose? Maybe a cough? Sore throat? Normal cold symptoms? You're not gonna die from Omicron, and everyone acts like you will.

The media, especially here in New Zealand, isn't helping things either. Everyday there's a fucking update on the Covid case numbers and I wonder how everyone's managed to keep everyone in fear for this long. There's at least 10 different news reports in the 6 o'clock TV news about Covid and its effects on everyone. News papers and news sites have dedicated coronavirus sections. I hate this. I'm going fucking insane.

Pfizer and other medical companies are making billions off the vaccines. The only reason anyone's encouraging us to get boosters is because the health companies want more money. I don't know why the government keeps forcing us to wear masks, and I don't know why workplaces are forcing everyone to get vaccines. Surely if one or two people aren't vaccinated, it doesn't compromise all of us, right? That's how herd immunity works - if 90% of a community is vaccinated (which is the case in NZ), then it doesn't matter if the rest aren't - we can fight it off. But noooo, two jabs aren't enough and you need three, maybe even four if new variants start to pop up. I'm sick and tired that this is never going to end. Covid is here to stay, we should accept it, and just abolish all restrictions and carry on with our days.

I'm not getting my third shot unless I'm forced to by my parents, who are still branch Covidians. Or if the government thinks a third shot should be a requirement for your vaccine passport to be valid. God I hate having a vaccine passport. At least some places I go to that should be scanning my passport can't be fucked to do it anymore. Are you really gonna whip out an iPad for every single customer during peak lunch hour and get many disgruntled customers in the process?? No. It's not practical.

Like I said, NZ still has some severe Covid restrictions at the moment. Not lockdown-level severe, but everyone's required to wear masks and adhere to gathering limits. You get more privileges if you're vaccinated, too. The borders are still tight shut - Kiwis overseas go through a Hunger Games-type ordeal in order to secure a spot in a quarantine facility for ten days before being let out into the New Zealand. Everyone is really hostile to them because we've become so scared of le dangerous Covid that we don't stop to think of the human behind them. Covid has truly wrecked everyone's critical thinking, and I hate all the governments and pharmaceutical companies in the world because of it.

I'm so sick of this. I want things to go back to normal. There's no reason for us to continue like are doing now. What is the end game? I'm genuinely confused. Some of the more loony people out there thinks the government is trying to track us down and put chips in us and everything. Honey, our phones literally do the same thing. Which reminds me, I need to read the Unabomber Manifesto.

As a New Zealander, where 90% of the population agree with such strict measures against the unvaccinated, I think the end for us is more than a year away. We're going to continue to find ways to keep ourselves under restriction for no reason other than fear. We fear the unknown. And protection we seek. Whatever happened to freedom? March 13 is the date when New Zealanders from all around the world are allowed to come back home, and have only 3 days of home-isolation. October is when anyone in the world can come, but the rules for self-isolation here are unclear.

I'm tired. Like I said, there's no reason for us to continue like now. Take a step back and look at the ACTUAL science behind everything right now. You'll agree with me too.