Date: 21 Oct 2021

Two of my mixes were taken down about a week ago, including my most popular one. I'm disappointed, but at the same time I don't really care. I enjoyed my channel growth, but because my channel was growing so fast I felt compelled to make stuff that I didn't necessarily want to make. I was focused on what songs I should put in my new mix, despite not having that much of an interest in citypop anymore. Now that I don't have as many eyes on me as before, I feel like now I can diverge from my citypop mix maker image and make some stuff I want. Although what exactly, I'm not sure. I would like to upload some North Korean albums I have in my possession, but to be honest I stole them from someone else online, so idk if it would be okay to upload them on my channel. I don't know what kind of original content I would make in video form either. With websites I have more free range; with videos I'm somewhat restricted by the software I have. I don't have anything advanced, just the Windows 10 video maker app and some other app on my phone. So maybe I'll just stick to website making.

I also want to make some surrealist shit on this site. I've seen tons of them online and I love going down a clicking rabbit hole. If I could, I would become a neocities supporter and make a separate website for this. I would be able to host my own audio files, get a custom domain, and be more free in general. Gotta convert my BAT into BTC for that, and I don't really want to do that. So yeah. I'll just have to make it a section on this site and get creative with my techniques. I'll be writing code that makes everyone's heads spin. It's gonna be fun.

In other news, high school is almost ending for me. I just need to focus on studying. Much easier said than done. Chemistry I'm almost screwed on. My teacher has barely taught me anything properly this year. I'm just going to attempt one paper and not even look at the other one. Maths I'm okay. I think my integration paper I will struggle with, but my differentiation and complex numbers papers are passable. Physics gives me a bit of a headache too. I'm strong in some parts and weak in others. All I want to do is work on the bits I'm strong at and not work on the others, but that's not going to make me pass. I guess I should follow what my teacher says and focus one one aspect to get it perfect. One perfect answer means more than a bunch of half-assed answers when it comes to papers being marked here. It's weird.

My Bring Me the Horizon phase is still going strong. As you can see on the index page. I really enjoy their music, specifically Sempiternal and That's The Spirit. Post Human:Survival Horror is amazing too. Amo is okay - there are some songs I don't vibe with, but others are cool. The others are meh, like Suicide Season and There is a Hell. I've only listened to one track from Count Your Blessings and it was terrible. I'm not even going to try to listen to that one EP with a long ass fucking name. Apparently there's 0 trace of metal there. I've been vibing to heaps of metal recently. Trying to broaden my horizons (lol). My friend (who got me into BMTH in the first place) recommended me A Day To Remember and The Used. I've listened to some of their stuff and they're pretty good. I kind of want to listen to Lostprophets, but knowing what the lead singer did, I don't know if I ever can.

I guess that's all for my blog post today. Right now I just finished listening to "i don't know what to say", and that's pretty accurate atm. (Also the violins are amazing.)

Have a good day everyone.