Work fucking sucks

28 January 2022

Man I fucking hate working here. Way too much work for only fifty cents above minimum wage. I'm truly not getting compensated enough for this shit. The fact that I work in a place where there's a danger of being robbed and assaulted and have to deal with so much shit from customers is just appalling. Not to mention our new manager is fucking terrible and doesn't have her shit together. Fuck knows why our regional manager thought she'd be good to run two stores. Fucker can't even keep one store straight.

Most of my coworkers suck too. My coworker that was also a high school friend complains a lot. Literally yesterday she complained for the entire first hour that she was here. I told her to do some displays but she didn't even do that, she just stood around and complained about work and university and her family and stuff. I try to keep my complaints to a minimum at work, maybe saying one or two words about how shit this company is to the one coworker I actually like. But my friend just takes it to the extreme. I literally could not care less that your brother is making fun of you for being a dipshit. If I was your sister, I'd be doing the exact same thing.

I have another coworker who's kinda like my coworker friend. We'll call him Mr Gay because, well, he's homosexual. He's like my friend in the sense that he talks a lot. Not necessarily complain, just never shuts up. Although if something is annoying him, he will start complaining a lot. Mr Gay also gets into a lot of drama with his friends. During the time I've known him, he's told me about two friendships that he's broken off. Not sure if he was in the fault for both situations, but I couldn't care less. He also seems really two-faced as well. He told coworker friend that someone from a sister store didn't like her. But when coworker friend pressed for how Mr Gay found out, he fell silent. He seems sus.

The third coworker I don't hate as much as the other two, but she's just really unreliable. She's always late or leaves early for whatever fucking reason. She's nice, but man, you never know whether or not she'll show up or stay for the entire shift.

I just have to put up with too much shit here. I've already written my resignation letter - I just need to send it pretty much. I fucking hate this place. I hope this place is always understaffed (like it is now) and is always in a state of panic and I hope the manager gets fired (and the manager of a sister store gets fired too because she's a fucking nasty bitch) and damage the reputation of the stores forever.

Anyway, that's all of MY complaining done. Fuck, I would rather work in the department store we're inside rather than this dumb fucking store. Fuck me.

Fuck. Me.