20 January 2022

Usually I don't make a blog post on two consecutive days. But today I'm in a ranty mood.

I HATE it when I come across a site that's like "omg i hate how corporations are taking over the internet!!!! this is my way of protesting!!!" like WOW good for you!!! I have not seen this rhetoric 1000 times already on this shithole we call neocities! How unique and special you are! Yes, social media is fucking dumb and is detrimental in like every way ever, but do you really think some bimbo on Instagram will come across your shitty ass manifesto and be like "Wow this person is so much more enlightened than me. She must be the new age Buddha or some shit. Teach me your ways senpai." Like fuck off. Show me your site and what it has to offer rather than lecturing me about le capitalism.

Also I hate it when I go to someone's about page and they're like "I use it/xe/bun pronouns and I'm a genderqueer androgynous transmasc" or whatever the fuck. I've even seen kinlists here. I think I have come across one or two people here that supposedly have DID and therefore list all the people living inside their brain. They even come up with names for their "system" which really confuses me. Like yes, we get that you're mentally ill, but not in the DID way. More like the autism way.

I used to think I was non-binary/genderfluid when I was about 13 years old. Fuck me, that was a cringe time of my life. I was exposed to a lot of shit on Tumblr that made me question my gender and sexuality, and not in the positive way. I really was convinced that because I wasn't traditionally a girly girl and not a tomboy, I was non-binary instead. Like wtf? Thank god it was a phase, but I'm seeing fucking 18 year olds who are pansexual transfem nonbinary whatever-the-fucks and I worry for their future. Well, I worry for MY future more, because every day it becomes more and more apparent that these people are dictating society's direction. I'm gonna have to fill out a pronoun form everywhere (which I have already done for some university applications) and be called transphobic the minute I laugh at a foxgender.

Idk why pronouns in particular make me so MATI (mad at the internet). I will see a normal set of pronouns in your bio and immediately become suspicious of you. Why do you feel the need to tell me your pronouns? I feel like the only appropriate time to put pronouns in bio is if you're transitioning. All other times feels kinda redundant. But this has become the new virtue signalling. Pronouns in bio is a good way to show your "allyship" to the LGBT community, which means everything the LGBT community says is the Word of the Lord for you, and how dare you question it you homophobic scum. Listen to marginalized voices honey, your privilege is showing.

Another excuse I've heard is that "pronouns =/= gender". Well, sweetheart, what do pronouns represent then? It literally makes no sense if I say I'm a trans man, make no effort to look remotely masculine, and demand you use he/him pronouns for me. Like what the fuck. Get a grip on reality. I guess then you could use the excuse "Well what if they're BEGINNING to transition sweaty???" Then they could correct me. Literally not hard to fucking correct someone. I will respect your pronouns if you correct me, I'm not a demon (despite what I've written above). I had several trans classmates in high school and I respected their pronouns and names. It took a bit of getting used to, but I tried and eventually succeeded. But don't bark and growl at me if I accidentally use "he" instead of "she". I will call them like I see them until I am corrected.

A thought that's just occurred to me is that a some people complain about how "gendered" English is and that we should have a default gender neutral pronouns. First of all, the singular "they" pronoun is already very common. Second of all, English is nowhere near as gendered as other international languages, such as French and Spanish. Hindi pronouns are gender-neutral, but like the romantic languages, the words themselves are gendered. (Although in my dialect of Hindi, we tend to eschew the genders of words altogether because it's too much to remember lol).

No matter what happens, I'm never putting my set of pronouns anywhere. I'm a woman. You should fucking know what the female pronouns are.

On a very separate note. I haven't told my parents my exam results. I only failed one paper (I'm not telling them that) and I've gotten entrance into uni. I just hate telling my parents my results. My mum just came in to tell me that they found out exam results released today (thanks to the 6 o'clock news) and apparently my dad is not happy I didn't tell them earlier. Oh well.

I better go then. See you soon.