Thought dump

19 January 2022

I figured I should give a proper life update now. I just viewed my payslip for the past fortnight and I couldn't be more happy. I was underpaid the fortnight beforehand, so I'm getting about $1200 this time around. Ah, money money money. I will have just over $4000 in my account now and I'm overjoyed. I have about 3 more payslips left before I go off to uni, and hopefully I will reach around $7000 in my account by then.

The next few days, though, aren't really something to smile about. Tomorrow is my store's stocktake day, and I have to be there at 7:30am. Fuck! That's more than an hour earlier than my usual starting time. At least I'm getting off at 2pm, which means I'm not working a whole-ass nine-hour day like I usually do nowadays. But the next two days are most definitely nine hour days, so that's going to be fun.

Tomorrow is also the day my exam results release. I doubt they will be released by the time I go off to work, but I'll check nonetheless. I'm fairly confident I will pass most of my exams, but only just. Usually I aim for the highest certificate endorsement, but I know 100% that it's not happening this year. I don't really care. So long as I get what I need to pass for uni.

My friend is paranoid about not passing all of her exams so she's taken on extra assignments from a correspondence school. I understand her paranoia but to be honest I think she will pass what she needs. I don't have the heart to tell her to "chillax" though, because I don't want to be wrong.

The day after tomorrow I have my laser hair removal appointment. I'm going to have to use my break for this. As a result, I have to make myself lunch tomorrow in prep for the 21st. I will only have time to nibble on a snack after my appointment, so I will have to take lunch at, like, 3pm. Stress is fun!

On that day, my robber's bail hearing is taking place. I said in my previous blog post that my workplace got robbed but I didn't elaborate. Tbh I don't want to elaborate further, but he is being charged with 2 counts of robbery, and 2 counts of assault. I hope he does not get bail because that would wreck me. I would not feel safe working. I also hope that he pleads guilty. I don't know why you would plead otherwise when CCTV footage is pretty conclusive. But I would not be happy to testify in the courts while a lawyer tries to warp my version of events in his favour. I would like to see my robber sentenced, though. That would be so nice and satisfying.
As a result, I will be expecting a call from the police to let me know of the outcome either that day or afterwards. I might let my coworker know, whoever's working with me that day.

Other stuff. The week after N broke off our friendship wrecked me but now I'm okay. I still imagine our bodies being together though. My pussy is unfiltered. It does what it wants. And all the attraction I have left for N is sexual. I would not be happy resuming a friendship with him, but I'd have no problem whatsoever with a one night stand. ;)

I have to start exercising in prep for the gym. Even though I want to stick to the routine I've picked out, I don't have access to a gym right now, so I have to start somewhere. My squat depth is abysmal, so I need to work on that. And I got some dumbbells that I stole from my mum's room. They're not barbells, but they're weights, which is important. I need to find a dumbbell routine, then.

I guess that's all for today. I'm going to make a dedicated email for this site soon. I want to compliment a fellow neocities site on their content, but they don't have a guestbook. They apparently have an IRC, but I'm too much of a noob for that.

Have a good time, and I'll see you in the next entry.