31 December 2021

Well. It's been a while. I'm writing this on the last day of 2021. It doesn't really feel special tbh. Tomorrow I'm working so I won't be staying up until midnight to see 2022. Time means nothing. New year, new problems.

Anyway, enough with the depression. I had family come over for Xmas and they stayed for a week. They stayed in my sister's room and my room, and as a result, me and my sister had to sleep in the living room. For a week. It wasn't fun - we were either sleeping on the couch or on the floor (with a mattress), and I don't think I got much good sleep.

Anyway, on Xmas I got a few things. I got mascara, deodorant (lol) and a detangling brush from my sister, and my mum gave me a hair straightener, lip gloss, and new wireless earbuds. I also got $100 of gift cards, which I used the next day to buy a turntable. Weird how my mum will happily spend $300 total on the above, but won't buy me a turntable that costs about the same.

I didn't get to use the turntable until today though, thanks to the family. The turntable itself is okay - it's not mind blowingly awesome. But it took quite a bit of set up. For you record enthusiasts out there, I bought the House of Marley Stir It Up turntable - the Bluetooth model. I'm not using the Bluetooth function though. This turntable requires you to set the counterweight and tracking weight yourself. I thought it would be a one-and-done thing, but nope, you have to set it up every time you get the turntable out and it's fucking annoying.

The turntable came with an RCA to aux cable. So I used that cable to plug it into my small speaker. Big mistake. It was loud as fuck and the volume controls did not work. So I used a regular aux to plug it into the headphone jack and it was better. My main gripe with playback is that the motor of the turntable is too loud. Sometimes it skates, but that can be solved with the anti-skate dial. My main gripe overall is the counterweight and tracking weight. So stupid. But overall I'm happy that I have a functioning turntable.

I'd like to start building my record collection now. If you see on the music media page, you'll see I don't have that much. Two albums and five singles. I'm not going to start immediately though - importing from Japan is expensive after all. I would like to start ripping CDs first and smuggle my parents' CD player into my room. I'll put The Used and BMTH albums on blank CDs that I'll find around the house, and I'll be expanding my music collection. Sounds fun.

So there you go. That's what I've been getting up to as of late. I'm working for the next four days (god) so I'll see you all in 2022.