I've lost

Date: 15 October 2021

I'm going to be miserable for the next three years. You've won, parents. The pros of staying at home for university far outweigh the cons thanks to all the incentives you placed on me. I'm still going to be under your thumb. I'm still going to be miserable. Thanks, guys. I really appreciate the love and thought you give me. I know that you are concerned about my benefit, but am I going to be happy because of this decision? No. I will be drifting along for the next three years just doing what is required of me to get my degree and make money. I will have no friends because I won't have a good enough chance to make any. Every day I will make the one hour commute to the city and every day I will make the same commute back and I will think about how my life has gotten to this point. How I'm still under my parents' control with no freedoms, just the illusion of one.

I sincerely hope you are happy for the misery you will give me over the next three years. Because once I'm getting that house, I'm never looking back at you.