I'm going to be reviewing The Used's discography. Or rather, the stuff I have already listened to. I have only listened to their first four albums, and I don't really intend on listening to anything else except "Demos from the Basement", perhaps. But let's get right into it.

THE USED (2002)

Truly amazing, with some breathtaking songs. "Maybe Memories" is a great start to the album that sets the scene for what you're about to hear. Highlights of the album for me include "Blue and Yellow", "On My Own", and "Buried Myself Alive". Not a single miss on this album. Perfect for putting on in the middle of the day and travelling back in time to the early 2000s, when emo music was just starting out. Probably my favourite album from The Used, along with "Lies for the Liars."


A bit of a downgrade from their first album. It doesn't really have as much impact. "Let It Bleed" and "Sound Effects and Overdramatics" are my personal favourites from the album. Also, their rendition of "Under Pressure" in collaboration with My Chemical Romance (which iirc is a bonus track on the album) is pretty fucking epic. Overall, this album is just okay and not really their best.


Super cool. It has some of the most emotionally moving songs they've made. Again, not a single miss from them here (almost). Personal favourites are "Pretty Handsome Awkward", "Find a Way", "Earthquake" and "Smother Me". Despite my praise for the album, the bonus track "Queso" is pretty dumb and I hate it. So while I wouldn't dub this their best album (that probably goes to their debut), it's still pretty much my favourite.

ARTWORK (2009)

Again, a downgrade from their previous album, and even more boring than "In Love and Death". Listening to the whole album feels like a blur that you enjoy in the moment, but can't recall the second the final note plays. The only track that stands out for me is "Empty With You". Not that good of an album.

Like I said, I don't really intend on listening to their further discography, seeing as they do change styles. But if this changes, I'll update this page with my further thoughts.