I haven't listened to Anri's entire discography - to do so is Herculean. So I'm just reviewing the albums I have listened to so far.


Her debut album is nothing special. It doesn't have the "city pop" feel that most fans know her for, as this was an experimental time for Anri. It spawned "Olivia wo Kikinagara", one of her signature songs. "Rhapsody" is pretty good too.


It has been years since I listened to this album, but I do remember not liking it that much. One of her more famous songs, "Last Summer Whisper" has been overplayed to death by future funk artists and city pop mixers alike, and not a lot of the other songs stand out. Even "Fly By Day" is blown out of the park by Toshiki Kadomatsu's self-cover.

BI KI NI (1983)

I didn't like this album at first, but listening to it again last year made me realize this was actually really good. "Good Bye Boogie Dance" is a classic. This album 100% foreshadows the behemoth of an album that follows.

TIMELY!! (1983)

The album that every city pop fan has listened to at least once. Bangers all the way through. My personal favourite is "Good-night For You", which is an underrated track from the album. "Shyness Boy" was probably one of the first Anri songs I ever listened to.

COOOL (1984)

Also an extremely good album. Probably better than Timely!!, actually. My personal favourite is "I Can't Ever Change Your Love For Me". I keep using the phrase "My personal favourite" too much. I don't have much to say on most of Anri's albums.

WAVE (1985)

Underrated album. A lot more experimental than previous albums, veering more into "synth-pop" territory. This one is definitely my favourite Anri album. Bangers include "16 Beat", "Take It", "Into The Body", "Hitomi wa Towa no Kaori", and "Lover's Night".