Welcome to my website. You can call me Mima.

This is simply my personal site where I can dump and say whatever I want here without caring about what people think. I've got blogs, I've got music grids, I've got random pages with nothing useful on them other than to have a peek at the person behind the site. It may be interesting for you, it may not be - whatever your reaction is, well, you're looking at this page, and that's more than I can ask for.

This website is designed for a screen resolution of 1280x720px. It is also not optimized for mobile.

Please sign my guestbook if you like what you see here. It does mean a lot to me.

Latest major update - 23 May 2022: Finally have a new guestbook; the music section has had pages removed and added.

To-do list: update the music media page, make an Anita Mui shrine (possibly develop into a mini fan-site?)