static crackling, followed by disconnection.

do not resist? what the hell? the russian mafia was about to knock on your door any second, and the upcoming hours may be your last. you pack as many possessions as you can into your suitcase, and wait for the arrival of the agents.

a knock on your door follows hours later and you open. a man with a suit and tie stands in front of three military soldiers holding guns.

"hello," the well-dressed male says, strangely with no accent. "please accompany us."

you attempt to walk out the door with your suitcase when you are stopped by the man.

"you do not need a suitcase."

well then. that info could have been relayed earlier.

you leave the suitcase by the door. but before you can blink, the three military soldiers swoop you off your feet.

"WHAT!" you scream.

"we told you," mr fancy-pansy says. "do not resist."

do not resist