I have created this page, not because this is something I hate the most, but because there is simply too much to cover. Allow me to explain what these even are.

DNI (Do Not Interact) pages are a section of an internet user's website or social media stating whom they would not like to interact with, or the types of people they would not want following them. In a similar vein, BYF (Before You Follow) pages state things that people who would like to interact with/follow the user need to know. Both types of pages put on full display the internet user's diminishing mental state.

The most common types of people that fit one's DNI criteria are homophobes, transphobes, racists, ableists, trump supporters, just anything that the average leftist finds remotely distasteful. Another frequent criteria is age range - if you are below or above a certain age, you're not allowed to interact with them (DNI if you're -14 or 24+; not inherently a bad thing since there are so many creeps, especially on tw*tter where the majority of DNI/BYF pages are present on). Occasionally, you will get some hyper-specific criteria, such as "DNI if your name is Candice" or "DNI if you really like the weird alien from Hazbin Hotel".

BYF statements also have some commonalities between users - almost every BYF page I have seen has stated that they "use tone tags a lot" (if you don't know what they are, bless you). Sometimes people say that they swear a lot on their account, they post nsfw, or that they reclaim certain slurs (which are almost always retard and faggot; never African American Brother. Are DNI and BYF pages exclusively a non-black thing, I wonder?).

DNI/BYF pages, as I said above, are most common on Twitter. You will not see anyone put all of their criteria and lists in a tweet, though. Each tweet can only contain 280 characters, after all. Some people decide to put them all in a thread instead (creating a tweet, then replying to that tweet to add more info, then replying to THAT tweet to add more info, etc). But by far, the most common method to showcase your autism is a website called Carrd.

Carrd is basically a site building program, but different from Neocities in the sense that its main purpose is to create one-page portfolios, or to market yourself to people. In roughly 2020, the Twitter crowd took the "market" definition too liberally and decided to use it to overshare everything about themselves. As well as adding DNI/BYF pages, they use Carrd to tell everyone their name, age, ethnicity, sexuality, gender and pronouns (because basic OPSEC is dead, apparently), and list their interests and "hyperfixations" (something that you currently really like - a term used for those with autism (aka everyone on twitter)).

Thanks to the influx of genderspecials on Neocities, it is not uncommon to find people shoving them into their personal website as well.

So what's the milk? Well, is it really necessary to dictate who can and cannot look at your accounts and follow you? It is good to maintain a safe internet presence. Usually having a private social media account and screening everyone who requests to follow you would do the trick though. Nobody really needs to know that you hate racists. No one needs to know you don't want people named Candice following you. And we don't really care that you reclaim the word faggot (unless you yourself have a DNI/BYF page, I would assume).

I thought about putting screenshots of different DNI/BYF pages I have seen over my time on the world wide web, but I do not want people searching for the owners of these Carrds and harassing them. (Trust me, in five years time, they will regret their current internet usage without the need for external mockery). So I decided to create a DNI/BYF page of my own!!!!

Disclaimer: this is not a real DNI/BYF page - as in, I do not care who follows me on neocities (i dont care if you have fro/frog pronouns and are dreamgender (but i will make fun of you in secret)), and I don't put warnings on my content unless absolutely necessary. Most of the stuff here is literally what is listed on my main hatelist (and a bit of humour too). If you fit the criteria here, you are still more than welcome to follow me. No hard feelings.


DNI if:
- you have pronouns in your bio
- you use neopronouns
- you have a dni/byf page
- you have a gender that isn't male/female/non-binary (last one is on thin ice)
- you have a sexuality that isn't straight/gay/lesbian/bisexual (pansexuals are cringe, asexuals are also on thin ice)
- you're trans and use twitter, reddit and/or discord actively (are you even trying to live a good life)
- you're a she/they (red flags, you're literally just a woman who's "not like other girls")
- you like akina nakamori, momoko kikuchi, and/or yumi matsutoya
- you have more than 200 scrobbles of akina nakamori on last fm (basic + red flag)
- you hate men / say "kill all men" seriously or as a joke (my boyfriend is amazing, you aren't)


- i swear a lot but who cares
- im an advocate of free speech
- i reclaim the streetshitter and currymuncher slurs
- i hate a lot of people
- i may be a high-functioning autistic individual, y'all should know me by now