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CUSTOMER SERVICE! I hate interacting with people they are so dumb. I wish I lived in an area where I could do manual labour instead because I'll be too tired to talk to people. I stutter and lose my train of thought whenever someone asks me a question that I dont immediately know the answer to and make a fool of myself. I wish people didn't exist. Retail managers can also be fucking terrible as hell.

me when a customer approaches me

TWITTER! Twitter is a hellhole of a social media site where there is no healthy discussion on anything. It's a place where the extreme minority are the most vocal and the reason why I have to fill out a pronoun form wherever I go. Twitter stans are especially cancerous, no i dont want to see your shitty fancam of jimbum from 216love or whatever kpop group youre into. the language they use makes me want to gouge my eyes out. "so true bestie!" "chile and i oop-" "um thats a yikes from me" SHUT UP. worst of all the ceo is doing nothing to make the platform more bearable bc he's too bust focusing on his other projects and raking in that sweet sweet revenue. disclaimer: this was written pre-elon musk ownership

REDDIT! reddit is literally twitter's cousin and i dont know which platform is worse. literally everyone on the site sucks leftist cock and i hate it. also pedophiles moderate 90% of the subreddits there but no one does anything about them because theyre trans and criticizing a trans person means youre literally hitler. im not fucking joking, they even hired a pedophile as a paid admin, and it's rumored that person is still admin after their "firing".
there's also that really weird side of reddit where everyone is just super tone deaf and its super fucking funny.

NEOPRONOUNS! i dont know why people are becoming more accepting of these dumb fucking pronouns and not mocking it to death as we should be doing. im sorry but i am not calling you by your neopronouns if you have them. it's none of your business what i refer to you as anyway. oh and btw my pronouns are that/very/sexy/bitch and if you dont use them youre genociding trans people.

WEIRD GENDERS AND SEXUALITIES! tying into the above. its getting harder and harder for me to take the trans movement seriously because of these people. also conflicting genders, sexualities and pronouns. ive seen he/him nonbinary lesbians and i want to kill myself. this mindset is already widespread on neocities, and while im an advocate of free speech, i wish i didnt have to see some 15 year old with 10 genders and 5 sexualities every 3 blogs on the activity page. remember kids! BEING TRANS IS NOT A CHOICE. YOU MAKING THE DECISION TO BE DREAMSEXUAL OR DREAMGENDER IS A CHOICE, AND IS NOT WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

"what is that" "crack" "nibba"

neocities if we dont ban 15 year olds who think this is an alternative to carrd

COMMUNISTS! im not referring to the edgy 14 year old boys who think saying cyka blyat is the peak of comedy and want the soviet union to return. im talking about grown ass men and women with ugly hair colours and 712837194 piercings who think communism will solve the world's problems. and when you confront them about the amount of genocides and tragedies that happened under communism, they'll go "oh but that wasn't true communism" or "but what about capitalism?" i want to travel back in time to visit karl marx and ask him why he never factored human greed into his shitty thoughts because communism will never work.

LEFTISTS IN GENERAL! before you call me a white supremacist, i am indian and brown as shit (literally). i am also bisexual, because apparently that matters to leftists when talking about certain things. leftist politics have become nothing but an idpol circlejerk. right wing people are cringe too but at least they know how to argue their points and not devolve into whataboutism or incessant screaming. once upon a time i would have voted for my country's far left party but i would rather sewerslide myself than ever see them have a modicum of power over this country.

JAZZ MUSICIANS! again im not talking about the legends like miles davis or john coltrane or whatever. im talking about the jazz musicians you see at a jazz festival who think theyre so clever for knowing what a Fmajsus2dim6#9b7 chord is and being able to play it on their shitty guitar/piano. as someone who was forced to play jazz at school and visit jazz competitions, every single adult present made me want to rip their spine out. probably shouldn't though otherwise they'll spend half an hour wondering what time signature the sound of me ripping the spine out was in.

jazz musicians irl

BRITISH ATTITUDE TO LIFE! i was made aware of this on the Abroad in Japan youtube channel (this vid specifically)and ever since then i havent been able to stop seeing it around me. br*tish people are the saddest group of human beings on the planet. mate, just because your teeth are rotten, youre working a minimum wage job, youre 100k pounds in debt and have crippling depression doesnt mean you have to shit on other people for wanting to make something of their life. i have seen this a lot in terms of marriage as well. they look down upon marriage so much, especially gen z. they think love is cringe, to which i say, they're cringe. (i knew a br*tish person who was outright sexist in his reasons for not getting married. his reasoning was because women file for divorce more often than men. yes maybe that is true, but anyone with half a braincell knows this isnt a good enough reason on its own.) i guess this is a good thing though because if no one gets married, no one will have kids, and so br*tish people will cease to exist. here's hoping!

British people: ruining music since the British invasion of the 1960s

Didn't know whether to put this under the leftist section or here

ISLAM APOLOGISTS! islam is probably the most right-wing religion ever yet leftists want to suck muhammad's dick for some reason. i understand being concerned for everyday muslims' safety, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't criticize their religion. for starters, women are explicitly worth less than men, non-believers should be murdered unless they convert to islam, and slavery is permitted and encouraged.. visit to find out more about why islam is worse than christianity.

oh, and speaking of christianity!

CHRISTIANITY HATERS! every leftist that cums on the mention of muhammad also crucifies themselves like jesus when they hear about christianity. im talking about those who think that christianity is the absolute worst thing for humanity. it might not be perfect, and i personally do have my qualms with christianity, but to have a problem with those who follow the religion for no other reason than they're cringe is pretty cringe in and of itself. and just to show you that i do actually have some problems with christianity...

EVANGELISTS! oh my god. of all the denominations of christianity, the evangelist denominations are the worst. they take the bible way too literally and preach the prosperity gospel, despite multiple bible verses telling people that hoarding money sends you to hell. the televangelists are probably much closer to satan than god. they employ the scummiest tactics to make people """donate""" to their church for the good of da lordt, when in reality the congregation is just funding the pastor's private jet.

HOLOLIVE! specifically holoent, the managing company of the poor girls. gawr gura is the epitome of the "she looks 9 but is actually 2000 years old" meme and a lot of the other hololivers look very sus ages. i have never understood the appeal of the let's play format and i dont understand why people would watch it in a language they do not know. maybe if holoent started promoting their holostars, they could enslave me into their cult but for now i dont like the company and think theyre very sus. the fans are kinda cringe too.

CONSOOMERS! consoomers are people who buy/take part in things not because they need them, but because of the idea and perceived appeal behind them. a good example is a star wars fan watching the reboot movies not because they like them, but because it's star wars. or a marvel fan buying tons of merch just to let everyone know they're a marvel fan. they make franchises their entire identity, and just seem crazy. thank god i was only a marvel fan in my early teens otherwise god knows what dumb shit i would have spent my money on otherwise. are you in the consoomer rabbit hole? get help before it's too late.

cant even genocide these people bc they'll compare it to thanos snapping half the population. i'll snap their necks alright

KINNIES! bro i fucking hate kinnies. i used to date one and safe to say that relationship didnt last long. why is it not enough to say you relate to a character? why do you have to BE the character? i cant believe we're at the point where no one remembers kin-tumblr and how cringe that was.

NFTS! bro imagine spending 3ETH on a jpeg when i can literally screenshot and right-click-save it for free. not like i would want to screenshot any of those ugly ass looking things. i do not understand why so many big companies are jumping on the NFT trend when the mainstream is still extremely confused on what they even are. When you buy an NFT, you're purchasing a link to the image/product/whatever. A LINK. WHAT THE FUCK. the only purpose NFTs have is like money laundering or something, which is just a universal function of cryptocurrency anyways.

RWBY! rwby is a webseries made by RoosterTeeth, the worst "independent" animation company in the world. i used to be a fan of rwby and i dont know why. maybe because oooh pretty anime girls and men fighting big monsters. nowadays the show isn't even about THAT and it's just catering to the fanbase who want the bumblebee ship to set sail. plot is non-existent and i really do not see how the show will end suitably. there will DEFINITELY be outrage towards the series finale. also ruby rose is the worst main character in animated history. qrow, ozpin and bartholomew will always be daddy tho.

qrow and bartholomew

SHIPPING! writing the above made me realize how much i hate this. i came from the age of tumblr where literally every franchise had a million different ships that people wanted to come true, and it's insane the lengths people will go to defend their ship. i tried to convince myself that i don't hate the act of SHIPPING, that i only hate the die-hard SHIPPERS, but no, i hate shipping. fictional characters, real life people, every type of shipping. a casual "oh i think these two would look cool together" is okay but going to extent of posting fanart and fanfic of these ships is embarassing.

CANCEL CULTURE! people on social media cancel celebrities and people for the dumbest shit. just coz i was a homophobic little brown kid at 12 years old doesn't mean i should be cancelled. you probably laughed at the sight of two men kissing at some point in your life too. should you be cancelled then? i'll fucking cancel you for being an annoying little shit, that's what i'll fucking do.

song about cancel culture and the general state of the world from the one and only falling in reverse. i love you ronnie :3

MUSICALS! they disrupt the plot and i have to wait until the song ends before the story continues. i dont need a whole number about why youre so heartbroken over your breakup, martha. just get on with the show.

THEATER KIDS AND BAND KIDS! i've played in many school bands and i've come across some Band Kids™. i probably was one of them at some point. t-posing and quoting outdated memes like ugandan knuckles is stale and cringeworthy. theater kids are just leftoids who love musicals, tumblr, and shakespeare. simple but fucking annoying.

KPOP! where do i even begin. the kpop industry is so terrible, working its performers to death on tightly-packed schedules and controlling their public image strictly. the music they produce is bad, literally regular western pop with korean lyrics. the music videos are an eyefuck of seizure-inducing colour and the dance moves performed turn the videos into softcore porn. and the fans. youve seen them on twitter. what do i even say?
nowadays, i only listen to old kpop songs from when i was a casual fan in 2018 and any new releases from the kings of kpop, PSY and JYP.

i have a video for this but neocities cant host vids on a free account so look at this amazing page instead

AMERICANS! i do not know whether i hate british people or americans more. the american mindset has creeped into every single corner of the internet and i hate it. obviously that's because americans make up the majority of the internet's population. i hate this black-and-white mindset that americans have when it comes to politics. it's so funny because both their major political parties are somewhat right leaning. i credit the stereotypical american way of thinking for ruining the internet for me.

THE INDIAN FILM INDUSTRY AND ITS NEPOTISM! 99% of actors in the industry have familial connections that helped them get in. most of the newer actors and actresses are the children of legendary actors and everyone is beginning to get sick of it. no real talent is being pumped through, and as a result, the film and music industry is getting crappier and crappier. you have to look for indie films, or head to regional indian cinema for good stuff. it's just sad that the mainstream has deteriorated this badly.

THE NEWS! it is literally nothing but propaganda and fearmongering at this point. i instantly get stage 4 cancer the minute i click on the homepage of a news site such as the guardian, and when i turn on the tv to watch the news at 6 o'clock. we get it, covid cases are rising, who cares. all the news does is regurgitate the same things and barely brings anything new to the table. i don't know how my parents' minds aren't rotted from the radiation it emanates.

VIRTUE SIGNALLERS! woww you have a blm profile pic, you must be so morally superior to me! omg, you support ukraine in their fight against russia! please eat me out!!!! literally no one cares what your political beliefs are, and trying to showcase that you're better than everyone else for believing what you believe is cringe.

DNI/BYF PAGES! there is way too much to talk about for this so i made a whole fucking separate page here.

PEOPLE WHO LISTEN TO AKINA NAKAMORI! can we stop pretending she was the best idol of the 80s and own up to the fact that she was super overrated? she really isn't that good and people who like her just wanna seem quirky for liking akina

MOMOKO KIKUCHI AND YUMI MATSUTOYA! they have the worst voices in human history, and SOMEHOW the latter is one of the most bestselling artists in japanese history. life really confuses me.

more WILL be added when i think of them.