Good Youtube Channels

Here are some YouTube channels I subscribe to. I picked ones that I thought placed quality ahead of everything else. I subscribe to many more channels, of course, but these are the ones that I think are the cream of the crop.


The most popular channel on this list, and for good reason. Jorge makes videos about lost media, true crime, mysteries, other stuff in the same creepy vein. His videos are always of absolute top quality, never sacrificing himself to the pressures of uploading regularly. I personally love watching his lost media videos.

Kenny Lauderdale

Continuing down the same track of lost media, we have Kenny Lauderdale. Kenny makes videos on lost and obscure Japanese media, mostly of anime. His uploads are few but excellent. I happened to discover him through his video of the California Crisis OVA, of which the soundtrack is quite popular in the city pop circle. Other favourite videos of mine include his Chargeman Ken and Minky Momo videos.

Disturban History

This is the second channel of Disturban, but has become just as popular. Disturban History focuses on the more gruesome and gory aspects of history, such as genocides, massacres, prisons, experiments, famines, and so on. The first video I watched of his was the Atrocities of the Congo Free State, and I was truly shocked at how such an atrocity is not more well known. Disturban really brings the lesser known, darker parts of history to the public so that we may learn about how humanity has the ability to commit crimes we have never expected we would do.


As described on his Youtube channel, TheraminTrees is an "adult-oriented channel that explores issues around abuse, manipulation, dogma and systems of undue influence." The first video I watched of his was about his correspondence with a few Jehovas Witnesses, and his attempts to dispute some of their beliefs. From then on, I watched videos about religion and atheism, which helped me to understand why I was an atheist. His channel is very thought provoking and thorough, and I highly recommend him if you would like to understand more about your belief system.

Accented Cinema

Accented Cinema is a channel dedicated to video essays on films. While there are many such channels like theirs, they tend to focus more on Asian cinema (specifically East Asian, although they have made videos on South East- and South Asian films too). Sometimes if I'm not in the mood to do any thinking and want someone else to think for me, I'll just watch this channel. (You should always think for yourself though.)


A more recent discovery of mine. It's amazing how just one year ago, Wendigoon only had 10k subs and was still making quality content. He truly deserves all of the appreciation. Wendigoon is similar to Disturban in the sense that he focuses mainly on horror content, talking about serial killers, scary movies, disappearances, etc. I particularly love his iceberg videos - despite them being quite bottom-of-the-barrel in terms of YouTube content, Wendigoon makes these engaging, and he actually researches each term in the iceberg. I love learning new, useless facts every time I watch his stuff.

Bald and Bankrupt

Not sure why I didn't include this initially, but I absolute love this channel. This is a travel vlogging channel, but it doesn't feel very artificial like most are. Benjamin visits the countries and places that don't really get many tourists, such as post-Soviet countries, the Balkans, and South Asia. I was totally enamored by Ben's amazing grasp of Hindi, and how he interacts with locals in not-so-popular places. I love this channel a lot, and wish he'd upload more regularly.