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This is a place for me to log what I write in my fitness journal as a way of accountability. I am quite serious about working out this year, and while I have started my journey, I'm still fine-tuning my routines.
This page will only contain the EXERCISE logs (not my meals - that's TMI). For the plan, click here.
It will also be updated periodically, NOT in real time. It might be a week since the last entry here, but rest assured that I'm still writing in my physical journal!
Note that italicized sentences are what I wrote in my physical journal before putting them here, and non-italicized sentences are what I wrote directly on to this site.

2 May 2022

Well. I have a lot of explaining to do, don't I?

Since I met O, I haven't actually been working out. The initial reasons are outlined below. But now, the only excuse I have is that I only ever come to campus to meet O, and since those times clash with the days I usually go to the gym (Monday and Thursday vs Monday, Wednesday and Friday), I have become quite lazy. Another excuse I could give is that my parents really don't like it when I go to campus almost every single day of the week (save money, save money), so I elect to stay home except to see O. Needless to say, I have lost a lot of progress.

Today is Monday. Yes, I would have gone to see O, but he is currently behind on studies so he elected to not see me. I was a little upset about that but that's not what we're here to talk about. So I elected to come to campus regardless (since I also have to do an in-person test today). I thought, why not see how much progress I've lost?

Well, the results speak for themselves. I'm back at square one. Unbelievable that I used to be able to squat 30kg with relative ease - I actually found myself struggling on the final reps for my 22.5kg squat. My bench press is shit as usual, surprise surprise - but I eased myself into it rather than going hardcore straightaway. My DBORs were a bit easy, though, so I think I got some strength preserved.

When's the next time I'll hit the gym? I don't know. Definitely not this week again. Time will have to tell.

I did not work out on the 11th of March, as my dad prevented me from going on campus. I did not work out yesterday (14th) either, as I hung out with a friend. I did walk up a very steep hill and up 10 flights of long stairs though. According to my smartwatch, my pulse went up to 192bpm, so I would consider that replacement cardio.

I've made the decision to stay home for the rest of the week so as to not piss off my dad. I will have to come up with something to keep my workout routine up, since I won't have access to weights apart from my dumbbells.

9 March 2022

Hard day. Squat was out of form. Everything else was heavy. Failed a lot. Gotta keep pushing.

7 March 2022

4 March 2022

Difficult day, especially with the bench press. Failed when trying to do 22.5kg. Luckily I knew how to get the barbell off me without a spot. I almost failed doing 20kg too, so I called that quits early. I think I may need to review my form.

2 March 2022

I totally forgot to write in my physical journal straight after I exercised, so I'll write in here before writing in my journal.

I warmed up with 1x5 20kg squats, before I spotted that the gym does indeed have 1.25kg weights. I didn't spot them on Monday and I was worried. This means I can finally do 5x5 Stronglifts without any worry.

I used dumbbells for the overhead press because there was no way in hell I was going to be able to OP 20kg. Deadlifting 22.5kg instead of the recommended 40kg was a bit too hard, so I'm not sure if I should continue doing that or what. I also fear that my deadlift form when it comes to barbells absolutely sucks. I probably need bigger weights, as my feet did not fit under the barbell, like I was supposed to do.

Anyway, good workout session. I'm overall a lot more confident with what I'm doing and what I need to do. See you guys when I start squatting 40, which I aim to do by the end of March. Now off to do some ENGR121 revision.

28 February 2022

First day at the gym, and I was scared shitless. But it actually turned out to be pretty fun!

All of the exercises were hard and tiring. I couldn't even do the Barbell Row with 30kg like 5x5 recommended, so I had to go back to dumbbells (which were luckily provided). But I came out feeling a greater sense of accomplishment than when I used my home dumbbells. I can't wait to start lifting big.

I can't write much because I'm so tired lol

1 March 2022: A day on, my shoulders are a little bit sore, probably from the bench presses which I struggled with a bit. But I feel really happy. I was initially nervous that I would be judged, but everyone is there to improve themselves and no one cares what you're doing. I'm definitely more confident going into tomorrow.

25 February 2022

Deloaded my overhead press as promised, after confirming that I indeed cannot OP 13.4kg. 8.4kg seemed way too light tho. It would be great if I could access 10kg dumbbells. After all, the empty barbell is 20kg. No way can I lift that.

I felt like today's workout was too easy. Maybe I need to make up the easiness with a bit of cardio tonight.

23 February 2022

I did not work out two days ago like I originally planned, because I did a lot of cardio that day. Like, a lot. My daily step goal (set automatically by my health app) is 6000, and on the days that I don't go out of the house, I miss that mark severely. Two days ago though? 15,581 steps. Most of that was walking through my university campus trying to organise stuff and get familiar with the site. I did a lot of walking that day. So I guess that can make up for not lifting.

I purchased a membership to my university's gym as well! There are two rooms for weightlifting, which is super cool. The membership also gives me access to the rest of the gym's facilities and offerings, such as dance classes and group exercise classes. Not that I will really take them, but it's nice to know I have the option.

I have noticed that my bicep muscles are looking more defined now. I've been checking them out almost every day. But yesterday I looked down at my calves and I've noticed a significant improvement! I'm not shredded, obviously, but my calves did NOT look like what it does now a month ago. I'm super happy with my progress so far. Now that I'm able to start gymming, progress is going to be exponential!

I'm still working out what days and times I can go gymming. I preferably want to do Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but I still need to sign up for labs and tutorials, and I don't have the ability to do that at the moment. So things are still a little up in the air right now. Nonetheless, I'm happy that I'm a step closer to living the life that I want.

18 February 2022

Woke up at 6:00am due to starting work early. Lay in bed for a solid 5 minutes pondering if I should go back to sleep. I was so tired. Then I decided I'd do it anyway. It was around 6:15am when I finally started.

Front squats went ahead well. A few reps without good form, but that will be fixed soon. Over head press was VERY hard. I only managed to do one full set. The next set, I failed on the last rep. Waited 3-5 minutes. Next set: failed on the FOURTH. I just gave up at that point and told myself to deload to 8.4kg next time around.

Deadlift wasn't too bad. I lifted 2x5 instead of 1x5 to make up for the OPs I didn't do. Overall, 5/10 session, not happy with myself. This is why increasing in increments of 2.5kg, NOT 5kg is better for you in the long run, kids. My dumbbell plates only have 1.25kg and 2.5kg plates, so I'm stuck with what I got. I hope the gym changes things around.

Current weight: 55.6kg

16 February 2022

Idk why the front squats seemed so hard this time around, despite doing it before. Maybe because more time passed.

13 February 2022

I did 5x5 Dumbbell Deadlifts instead of the recommended 1x5 because I did not feel tired after doing it.

11 February 2022

Well, I missed my workout on the 9th. I was taking the bus to work that day so I would have had to wake up four hours before starting to get my workout in. I didn't do it the next day either because I was so tired from that day. Which sucks. I'm gonna make up for it by working out Sunday, then resuming my workout routine on Wednesday, Friday, etc.

I started the Stronglifts 5x5 routine today. As a result of my missed workouts, I did not increase the weight to 13.4kg. It didn't feel as intense as Compound Carnage, and I'm not sure how to feel about that. But whatever.

Next workout is Front Squats, Overhead Press, and 1x5 Deadlift. Bring it on.

7 February 2022

I tried to lift 13.4 kg but I failed after 3 reps of overhead press, so I reduced the weight back down. Sucks, I was looking forward to it.

I only did 1x8 BOR because I'm heading to a friend's house and I don't have enough time to do more.

Next workout, I will do Stronglifts 5x5 with their dumbbell equivalents instead of Compound Carnage. I'll def be increasing weight to 13.4 kg then because of the lower weights.

I did like one hour of cardio when I went to that friend's house, anyway, so it was not all to waste.

4 February 2022

Well, today I increased the weights. And omg I fucking love it! I loved the burn as I did my final sets of the overhead press. I knew that I was doing a good thing for myself. I think by increasing the weights, most of my form worries went away. I don't round my back when I squat anymore, and my deadlifts feel less awkward to do. The only concern I have now is my bent over rows, which I still think I'm not doing correctly. I might need to watch some videos for that.

Literally. Every single time I finished a set that was difficult, I smiled and laughed to myself. This is so good. I really feel like I am going somewhere, even if it's only been three days. I'm finally accomplishing something with my pathetic life.

I'm going to increase the weights again next time by another 5kg. This means I'll be using up all the weights that came with the dumbbells, and I'll be stuck on 13.4kg for a while. Maybe I need to look up different routines just to make this more fun. I can't wait for Monday!

2 February 2022

On this day, I wrote this - I woke up at 6:30am to exercise. I was planning on 7:00am, but because my work shift changed, I had to push it forward. I didn't mind too much, surprisingly. It would be a nice way to start the day.

I did not change the weights today. None of my family know I've started working out, so putting on the weights today would have been too loud and would raise suspicion. I didn't do it yesterday because it was too late when I realized.

The overhead press was easy - I breezed through that. But the front squats were surprisingly hard, despite no weight being added. After finishing all five squat sets, I laid down on my bed. Big mistake. I instantly felt nauseated.

The rest of the exercises went fine. I feel like I have terrible form on all of them though. I might need to get a personal trainer for one session just to help me correct any mistakes. I'm still unable to break parallel despite widening my stance. My deadlifts look comical. My bent over rows look amateurish.

Next time, I'm reserving 40 mins - 1 hour for my workouts. I was aiming to get today's workout done by 7 but it ended up being like 7:10. I'll be increasing the weights next time around too. Dunno how that will go, seeing as my form is still crap, but oh well.

31 January 2022

Welcome to my first fitness log! Above is what exercises I did today. Five sets of eight reps for each exercise. I chickened out and decided not to do the Stronglifts 5x5 routine I mentioned in the plan. Instead, I did the "Compound Carnage" video on YouTube.

The video said to perform the exercises with 80% of your 1 rep max. I decided to perform these with the empty dumbbells instead, the reason being that I'm still extremely new to working out and want to get my form right. Each dumbbell weighs 1.7kg, so I lifted 3.4kg in total.

Speaking of form, I'm not sure how I'm going in that regard. I don't have a large enough mirror to check myself out in, and I didn't record myself working out with my phone, as I was using it to look at the video. I personally think my deadlift needs the most work. I was very unsure of how to perform it correctly. It may be because the weight I was lifting was too low to perform a deadlift correctly. My squat depth is also something I am concerned about. I'm unable to break parallel. My stance might be too narrow, which is something I will fix next session.

Overall, I'm happy that I've finally gotten a workout done. But I still feel anxious. I want a strict routine. I can't keep doing Compound Carnage forever. I want to increase the weight next time, and because of the weights I have on hand, I have to increase it by 5kg. I feel as if that's too much. I wish I had access to a gym right now so I could do the Stronglifts 5x5 routine and know exactly what I'm doing all the time. But alas, life doesn't work that way, and I have to start somewhere.

My next workout will be on Wednesday 02 Feb. I have work that day, so I'm planning to do this first thing in the morning after I wake up. I've had bad experiences working out early in the morning in the past - every time I feel like throwing up. So I'm not sure how this is gonna go. But I have to persevere.