My favourite Chris Chan quotes

Chris Chan is the creator of "Sonichu", a character that is an amalgamation of Pikachu and Sonic, and the comics featuring the titular character. He is also considered to be the most documented person in human history. That is how I would introduce him to the uninitiated. You may have recently heard about Chris after news of him having sex with his own mother spread across the internet like wildfire. I encourage you to fall down the rabbit hole and read more about him. I truly believe that at this point, I know more about Chris than I know myself. To give you a bit of a taste as to what he's like, I present to you some of my favourite quotes from the man, and some quotes from the people around him.

I, thy LORD and God, feel baffled and pissed off from that.

- Chris begs for his followers to check up on his mother after the mother-fucking incident. Written in a letter from jail.

"What a mood recovery... Kind of a Goku-Get-'Em attitude. :)"

- Megan Schroeder in the Sonichu comics. I find this so funny for no particular reason.

"...I am not fond of about 99.99999999999996% of the total male population, with a margin-of-error of the 4 billionth of a percent (for abotu 100 men) of whom are okay acquaintences [sic]."

- Chris states that he hates the majority of the male population because they take all the women and leave none for himself.

"Tell me why I'm stuck as a virgin with rage"

- A lyric from Chris' song "So need a cute girl", sung over the Backstreet Boys' "I want it that way".

"I hope that God will forgive you for being so heartless and cruel, Michael Snyder!... JEW!"

- After Chris tries to plead with the owner of his local game and hobby store to lift his lifetime ban, he decides to call him a Jew. (Even though Snyder isn't Jewish.)

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