A whole year since I started up my own personal website. It’s been nice to have my own little pseudo-anonymous corner of the internet where I can talk about whatever I want and show others my interests. I never thought my site would get more than 75,000 views in that time – which let’s be honest, is peanuts in the grand scale of the interwebs – but here we are. Thank you to everyone who has interacted with this site in one way or another, and to the lovely acquaintances I have made. There are a lot of amazing webmasters here and I’m quite happy they exist.

I’ll use this page to showcase the different layouts this site has had over the past year, and to talk about the future of mimakrg.neocities.org.

It has to be noted that I hardcode everything directly into the Neocities page editor. I am in the process of storing local archives on my PC, but it’s going to be arduous. As a result, I have had to rely on the Wayback Machine to retrieve these layouts. A huge thank you has to be made towards the anonymous souls who archived my site.

The first layout, however, was not archived, and consisted of a solid purple background with black text talking about what I plan to do with the site. I then spent the next few weeks designing the first official layout of the site, which I have to admit is my most favourite layout.

I’m honestly thinking about bringing this layout back at some point in the future, albeit with a different colour scheme and different images. As you can see, I was very obsessed with the metalcore band Bring Me the Horizon back then. I love how colourful the entire layout was, and how there were a lot of things to look at.

I’m not sure what spurred me to change the layout. I was probably just bored of looking at the same thing day after day. So I went with something more simple, and more “cyber” themed.

I do like this layout, too. I think it struck a good balance between having enough going on to hold your attention, yet not overwhelming you with content.

This one is basically the same as before, but with a different colour scheme. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking. The colours are so ugly.

I quickly changed to this layout. I don’t have much of an opinion on this. The design got the point across well.

About a month or so ago, I removed a lot of pages that I didn’t think anyone would be really interested in. I archived them on archive.ph (you can view them here). And here we are today with the current layout.

Quite similar to before, but way more simplistic.

As for the future of the site, don’t worry, I’m not closing down. Self-hosting is still on the cards, since I am most likely going to host a portfolio site for my professional life in the future. If I do decide to self-host mimakrg, then I will probably still keep a mirror up on here.

I have been unhappy with the content of the site for a long time – I feel like there is nothing here that separates this site from the rest of Neocities. Every site has similar content. Sites that dare to be different do not get much attention (therefore discouraging the webmaster) or are subject to the scorn of the userbase. Simply dumping one’s interests onto a site with pretty-looking CSS isn’t really enough to hold my attention, I find, especially if I am not familiar with that interest. Yet it is almost all you will find here.

I have ideas. I may put a manifesto back up, and I am considering writing an article about a forum I really love that is being subjugated to a relentless attack. I’m also considering writing bite-size articles about fitness and why everyone should do it. Articles, honestly, may be the direction the site takes, along with regular journal and blog updates.

Whatever happens, dear friends, I am thankful that you all have stuck this far. Here’s to many more years on this semi-shithole.