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I love you, you asshole!
God forgive me BMTH>

Welcome to my website! I'm Mima, and this is my womancave. Feel free to poke around!

All pages are active.

This website is currently not optimized for mobile. Designed for a screen resolution of 1280x720px.

Current music fad: Bring Me the Horizon

Last show/movie that I watched: Violete Evergarden - The Movie


27 Oct 2021: Updated look of Shenanigans + new blog post there.

25 Oct 2021: Music has been given a new stylesheet.

22 Oct 2021: New page: music.

21 Oct 2021: New lastfm chart. New blog post on Shenanigans. Guestbook added at the bottom of index page.

16 Oct 2021: You guessed it! More index page updates! Also updates to the about me page.

15 Oct 2021: New blog post added to Shenanigans. More index updates. Blinkies page removed.

14 Oct 2021: New buttons added below; new lastfm chart added. Some layout changes on the index page. I'm going to phase out the blinkies page since I plan to put most of them on the index.

13 Oct 2021: Added some stuff to my "About Me" page, I'll make it look neater soon. Finally created my own button, and added other website buttons below.

12 Oct 2021: Blinkies page updated. Falling hearts feature removed.

07 Oct 2021: Chatbox added to lastfm charts page, so you can now ask for an album name.

06 Oct 2021: Charts added to lastfm charts page. Have a browse!

05 Oct 2021: New section added to the right of this update log. I labelled the div "current" because I don't know how else to explain it. Updated dolls at top of index page. New page added: Lastfm charts.

01 Oct 2021: Yukiko Okada shrine up, albeit still a work in progress. Updated the shrines page to provide a link to the Yukiko Okada shrine, and updated the index and about me page.

30 Sep 2021: Added extra link in links page; added image to links page; attempted to add a favicon; added a surprise to the blinkies page.

29 Sep 2021: Update log FINALLY created; added footer to Blinkies page; created shrine page; changed link colour; added links page; created shenanigans page.

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